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Review by Taurus212 on 2005-02-01
SALINA, KANSAS -- I first e-mailed Todd Keller early-mid Oct. '04, asking him to at least *please* direct me to the correct e-mail address if I'd sent my questions to the wrong one, that's how accustomed I am to the big companies ignoring me- and hey, I got questions to ask before forking over 3k+

Well, amazingly he answered the next day, and replied to all of the over 20 e-mails I sent, usually within the hour if I wrote before business closed for the day.

My only regret throughout the "pre-order phase" was telling Mr. Keller when I was expecting the money to be available- it ended up being delayed an entire week, and I felt bad for that.

When I went to send an e-mail to him explaining the hold up, I was quite shocked to recieve a message from him as mine went out: "Haven't heard from you in a while. Just checking in to see how things are going."

No sales pressure, just checking in with me- wow, I matter with him.
Unheard from the big companies in my experience.

I only had a few small problems after set up, one being a vibration from the case.
Right away he offered to send foam to dampen the noise if removing and replacing the cover didn't stop it, but that did the trick.
Then there was the wireless network, dropping regularly, and Todd immediately offered to send a different adapter if the problem couldn't be fixed, but I got it worked out.

Point is: if you have a problem, he'll do whatever is needed to correct it.

Now let me tell you why I wish I could give an even higher rating to Envision:

#1). Todd got me the monitor I wanted, which he doesn't normally offer, but he got it anyway. And he got it in black, the color I wanted.

#2). He also found the Lian-Li case I chose in black, rather than the plain aluminum.

#3). He special ordered the speakers I wanted.

#4). He special ordered the motherboard that best suit my needs- and then discounted the processor because of its extra expense.

#5). A special mark for honesty: I was wrongly told by the sales rep. of another company that for a home network, I required a wireless router plus 1 wireless adapter per computer.
When I explained to Todd what I thought I needed, he corrected the error, and saved me $75, since one computer can plug right into the router if its near enough (and it was, in my case).
He could've made money off me on that, and I'd've been none the wiser...

#6). Gave me Arctic Silver at no charge.

#7). He waived the shipping fee, and while this could be a two page explanation, I'll just say that by doing so, he allowed me to stay within my budget- hugely appreciated.

#8). I wasn’t happy at first when he told me the video card I ordered would arrive uninstalled (instead put in its own box, and that within a larger box of the shipment). However, as I read on I realized this was because he judged it too heavy, and therefore more likely to come loose during shipping, where it would damage the other components within the case.
Now that is concern for the customer at work.
A bigger company would never consider this- or if they did, just assume that if something goes wrong the warranty coverage will suffice. While any damage would be covered, it means the customer is spending more days waiting instead of enjoying his purchase.

Final word: what Todd & ECS gives you is true service.
What I'm used to is, an attitude from the company that I should be grateful for a chance to sign their paychecks, where I must fight for what they promised.
Todd does not come across that way, rather makes dealing with him a joy and a much less frustrating experience than I've *ever* had in 10 years in the computer industry.

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