Rogers & Rogers Chrysler Dodge Informative - Salesman really don't care about you!

Review by Allmycents on 2010-08-09
EL CENTRO, CA, CALIFORNIA -- This is why people go over the mountain to buy vehicles, trusting a Salesman in the valley is a "WASTE OF TIME" do you people hear me!
I thought this place would want to make a deal, seeing as they recently opened up. I was greeted with the what looked like the happiest Salesman I have ever seen, anyway he was like all into selling me a car I had to leave I told him I would call him for the details he took my info. OK I saw a vehicle and it was lets say 9000 So I was thinking I was going to get a good deal. OK people I know we all go thru this, but I just had to tell you, so I called to find out what the damage was. I was even going to trade my car in and I went online to find out how much it was worth well my car was in GOOD condition. OK They wanted to sell it to me at 150000 with payment at 3 something for 20 months That almost 20% interest then he wanted to give me the FAIR price for my car from the KBB. I am so shocked at how this person tried to swindle me. I just would like to tell you Managers you need to understand pressuring your people to make a sale isn't going to make a sale!!!!!!! What the heck is wrong with you people everybody is struggling you are not the only ones, but doing that you probably will. MAKE A GOOD DEAL AND THEY WILL COME!! is that so hard so would you say having happy customers brings business. NOT OFF TO A GOOD START ARE YA!
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-11-02
Posted by scootsalng on 2010-11-02:
I thought my 3 cents was about insightful reviews. I thought I was going to get good information about ROgers and Rogers Chrysler, all I seemed to read about was how you think somebody tried to pull a fast one on you. Your description of the deal makes no sense.

When I went in to their store I met a really nice salesman named Angel who took his time showing me all of the cars they had there. When it came time to make a deal I met Gerry the sales manager there who, went over the deal with me personally. This was by far the best experience I have had in the Valley. I would do business with these guys in a moment! Not to mention I love my new JEEP!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-02:
hmmm sounds to me this may be a schill response from the dealership. It would make more sense to me for someone to write a compliment than try to balance out the negative review with a positive comment about the company.
Posted by T on 2010-11-02:
scootsalng -> Let me ask you this - let's say someone wrote a complaint about a company you had never dealt with, and felt that they were ripped off or the company tried to do so. Isn't that a legitimate use of my3c? Wouldn't it concern you if the bottom line of the OP is true?

I can't follow the complaint totally myself, as the numbers don't make sense to me - some seem to be examples, some seem to be actual, and there appears to be a typo of 150000. However, the point seems to be that the dealership attempted to lowball the trade-in, and allegedly the interest rate was going to be around 20%.

Personally, I am a numbers guy, so I would like all the numbers including the trade-in value, price, payment and term to verify the rate was 20%. If so, that would be usury. Maybe the OP will return and add some clarification. As to your experience, well that is your experience and your .03. Now we have .06.

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