Mszawesome Complaint - "mszawesome" eBay who purchases products & leaves bad feedback w/o proof that items were actually damaged.

Review by Average eBayer on 2010-08-10
NEW YORK -- Recently we started our own eBay business. We started out small and purchased a pallet of makeup items from ULTA on a pallet. All items are brand new unused/unopened. Some items are full sized brand new testers. This means the items were given to the stores to give out as samples, but not all stores use all of the products therefore they go back to the manufactures or get auctioned off. It's a great way for someone who wants to start out on eBay small.

After the hit of everyone loving our makeup items and leaving great feedback to help us improve as eBayers we got into reselling gently used or brand new name brand clothing. This is possible because we purchase the gently used clothing from whoever! We also go out to stores and purchase brand new items with tags. This is possible because we get it for a great price and sell it for a quarter of the cost you'd buy it in the store, and we're recycling. Great trade off this day in age.

Then came along eBayer "mszawesome" out of San Francisco, CA, sent us an email asking about a 'Hard Candy, Eye Candy Buttered Popcorn eye shadow' Asking if the product was new. We simply sent her a message back stating that all of our makeup items are brand new full sized testers purchased in pallets. They do not come in the fancy boxes like you get when you pay $20 per item in the store. Mszawesome sent back no messages with any other questions so we thought that's a good thing. Mszawesome then purchased this Hard Candy item from us. We shipped it out right away- all of our eye shadows get wrapped before being placed in the an envelope to ship out.

A few days later without any emails or eBay messages mszawesome leaves negative feedback. Naturally this came as a stock because whenever anyone has issues with an item they purchase eBay asks them to contact the seller to work things out. So we eBay messaged mszawesome asking what they meant by the feedback they left (package was dirty and sticky... not sure about the authencity of product... :( ) We also asked for pictures, twice, for proof that the item arrived as stated. No pictures were given. We offered a full refund, mszawesome didn't even want a refund. Fishy, right? Initially that's what we thought. We asked for a feedback revision in exchange for photos of proof and we would send a refund. Still mszawesome refused. All of our products are authentic and we have our bill of sales to prove their authenticity.

To all other eBay sellers out there working hard your eBay business beware of, mszawesome. The eBayer on the shady side of the fence. We will add updates on the situation or if the eBayer changes eBay names. It's only fair to report such nonsense to all other who might have the un-pleasure of working with, mszawesome.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-10:
I'm no Ebay expert, but I don't understand how posting a complaint against a specific person on a consumer gripe site does any good? Wouldn't it be best to work with Ebay directly?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-10:
Yeah, I wouldn't really be directing this complaint towards a specific buyer, its really going to do no good. This seems more like an Ebay problem. I would contact Ebay and explain it to them, but ebay is pretty strict about their feedback system. Sometimes you may feel you got negatice feedback unwarrantly. Ive been there. Theres a way to respond to negative feedback. If I were you, I would respond to the negative feedback so other buyers have a chance to hear your side of the story and move on.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-10:
Also, if you have a LOT of positive points, and ONE negative feedback point, I would hardley be THAT concerned. If I was a buyer and saw all the positive feedback you had on your account, and ONE negative and read your response, I would probably purchase the item from you anyway. 500 positives versus 1 negative is hardley any risk to a buyer.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-08-10:
Just block the buyer and move on; in the past having a 100% feedback rating was a "badge of honor", nowadays, it doesn't hold the same value.

I don't use makeup, but if I did and I saw your ebay store, one negative would not influence me at all.
Posted by Average eBayer on 2010-08-10:
However, with eBay now if you get below a % they have the right to kick you off, when you are just starting out on eBay one negative feedback can get you're account suspended. The point of this is that there are probably many eBayers out there who buy stuff just to leave negative feedback, but this is just one less eBayer people should have to worry about. If you sell them something chances are they're going to leave negative feedback just like they have to everyone else.

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