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Review by CGirl5 on 2010-08-12
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- This dealership is, BY FAR, THE most dishonest, scam artist dealership my husband and I have EVER come in contact with! They tried to bait and switch us twice! Promised us a deal that we were happy with and then tried to give us a Dealer Owned vehicle with 5000 miles on it without telling us. Then, when we didn't want it, they increased the price on the same vehicle and came back to us like we were getting the deal of the century. They promised us their showroom DVD package (witnessed by 3 of us) and installed a $300 DVD that was such low quality that they would not begin to suit our needs! They took my husband into their finance office that had "no working cameras" at the time, said what ever sounded good, had my husband sign and upon finding out several lies and overcharges, none of what the finance person said could be proven! They charged us in total $7,000.00 OVER sticker and, upon asking for an itemization of the charges, the finance person, Jose admitted that it was pure profit after trying to convince us it was for the "after-market tint" which ALL Sorento's and most SUV's come with darkened windows straight from the factory! We witnessed two of the Sales Persons Travis and Jarrod tell us that we would be getting the showroom DVD players and now Travis does not recall saying that and Jarrod told my husband he remembered saying it but has to "confer" with the rest of the team which basically means that they will come back and say they never said that!

BUYER BEWARE!!! I'm a wife and a mother of a four year old. We live paycheck to paycheck like a lot of other people! This dealership took advantage in the biggest way!
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Posted by Skye on 2010-08-12:
Nobody can force you or your husband to sign anything. You posted exactly what was wrong with the car, the deal, the whole nine yards, why you felt cheated and baited, and still your husband signs the paperwork. Why would he sign what he said was full of lies and the finance officer could not explain? I don't understand why you didn't go in there with him, what do camera's have to do with that? Nobody can take advantage of you, unless you allow them. Anytime someone is trying to talk you into a deal, you are already unhappy with, that's the time to say, no thank you and walk out.

This sounds more like a case of buyers remorse.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-12:
Sales people will do and say whatever they can to try to get you to sign on the dotted line. They have tacful and forceful ways to try to get you to sign. Most of them are weasles who only care about their own personal financial gains. I had to go to a dealership to get a part for my car. I didnt even step OUT of my car and I had a salesman on top of me. I was like I need to go to the parts dept. Then he completely turned from the nice sales guy into a robot. Pointed teh direction where the parts dept was and walked away. You need to learn that these sales people dont care about you, they care about how much MONEY they are making from you. You need to be the same way and just care about what you WANT.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-08-12:
Hopefully you walked out without signing anything.
Posted by unhappy999 on 2010-08-12:
Where were you when your husband signed the papers? Didn't he know that he was signing to pay 7000 more than the sticker price? People need to take the time to read contracts and paperwork carefully before signing. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, you need to be more careful about what you are buying. In the case of buying a car, I usually think it over at least 1 night and then go back. One time when buying a new car, I made the dealership tear up 2 contracts before I got the one that had the numbers I wanted with no extra charges. Also, with anything, always get extras in writing. What sales people say means nothing anymore, it doesn't matter what they are selling. They will say anything to make a sale. I would have been more careful to make sure I got a good price on the car instead of worrying about a DVD package.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-12:
I would really hate to be your husband now....
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-08-13:
Always read everything and go over each charge line by line. If you don't lime the answer, leave. Do not sign anything unless you understand 100% of what you are signing. These car dealers are out to get every penny they can from you.

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