Leons Transmissions Complaint - Limping Along - Transmission Rebuild

Review by dhinz on 2010-08-13
RESEDA, CALIFORNIA -- Used Leons for many years as was quite happy with their workmanship, price, service, honestly and integrity. Had the unfortunate opportunity after our manual transmission broke to call my reliable, Leons. I removed and steam cleaned my transmission and dropped it to Leons. Easier for them to see any problems and wanted to give them clean transmission for them to work on. I dropped the transmission on Wed. Generally, I repair my own cars, but when it comes to some specialties, I rely on the experts. After the tear down, Leons called Fri and said the differential was broken and the gears were 75% worn; recommended a complete rebuild for $1300 and was told I would have it back the following Tues, this was Fri. I had checked around on the internet and found similar prices so we felt it was a fair price; we agreed to the work. We also wanted to support our local economy. On Tues, when the transmission was to be returned we received a call and were told not all the parts came in; they promised the transmission would be completed and return following Mon by 1pm. Received call at 12:50pm on Monday, parts received the past Thursday were wrong parts, they were for a turbo; they said it would take an unspecified amount of time to locate the correct parts. The rental car was $262 a week, so based on Leons re-builder's recommendation; increasing the warranty from 90 days to 1 year, Leons offered a partial rebuild for $850, we agreed to the partial rebuild that would replace the broken pinion and ring gear, synchros and bearings with new parts. On the following Tues I picked up the transmission and the replaced parts; reinstalled the transmission on Wed, test drove and the transmission is still was defective, it was still making the same noise before it was rebuilt. Take car in Thurs for warranty repair, promised Sat. Car returned Sat, on drive home, 3 miles, no issues. Because parts were supposed to be new, I kept the car at posted city street limits for break in period. We were told they had to replace the pinion and ring gear a second time, it was defective. Didn't ask for part back, they usually need to return for credit. On Sun went to do a little work on it to order some parts from the dealer, during my inspection I found issues that were not broken before their warranty work.
1.There was a broken transmission mount
2.Left a engine motor mount bolt loose
3.Cross thread bolt to air box
4.Put lock washers at the bolt heads not nuts
5.Removed and didn't reinstall a pressed on flange that protects the transmission axle seal
6.Left wire harness hanging loose
7.Reversed transmission brackets
8.Bent wire harness brackets
9.Incorrectly installed lower cross member
10.Over torqued wheel lug nuts, sway bar, cracked sway bar bushings and installed washers upside down
11.Installed air box retaining sleeves upside down
12.Left a air box retaining grommet under the battery
13.Over torqued the lower ball joint and installed its lock washer on the bolt head
14.Used grease on throttle body to install breather hose potential to plug or foul injectors and throttle body.
Took pictures and visited Leons to show them as I fixed some of the issues so my wife could use car. We had returned rental car with a 800.00 bill. I also sent them in an email. In fairness Leons had previously dropped the price in half due to the first delay. It has been 2 weeks now, and have no reply from Leons. They promise to get back to me, still waiting. I explained to them they gave me back a dangerous car that my wife drives. If the motor mount bolt came out, it could have locked up the trans or engine. I am only one person and perhaps an exception to the rule, you'll need to decide. The issues are as follows:

1. The estimate after the tear down was never provided or shown to us listing the estimated cost of parts and labor needed for repairs, or the parts needed for the recommended repair.
2. The one work order generated did not state the name, telephone number or person who gave approval and the date and time given per the Automotive Repair Act of 1974
3. To our knowledge bearings were the only new parts ordered and installed on the first rebuild
4. Leons had to replace the differential twice.
5. They did not install the synchros, to our knowledge, as no old parts were returned as requested.
6. Leons installed 2 salvage differentials without our knowledge or consent to use salvage parts.
7. They charged us to install synchros.
8. Did not return old synchros as requested
9. The charged us for a throw out bearing but didn’t install.
10. During the 2nd rebuild under warranty, they damaged, broke and incorrectly reinstalled other parts and returned our auto in a seriously dangerous condition.
111. We have never seen the 1st work order or invoices for the ordered parts for the complete rebuild or their invoices to support they had ordered and received new parts as confirmed to us by phone.
12. The 2nd work order generated, does not itemized parts and separate labor.
13. The work order is supposed to but does not state, “used, reconditioned or rebuilt”
14. Leons charged us sales tax on labor and parts combined
15. We were not provided with a written warranty, what the warranty will do, what we must do to use the warranty, what is excluded, if anything, whether it is prorated and whether it can be transferred as outlined in the BAR consumer guide.
16. For the warranty repair, they did not generate a work order; they did not inform us the differential was a used part until we requested to see their invoice.
17. They did not itemize any damage, broken or incorrectly installed parts on any paperwork, nor did they tell us verbally.

Ultimately, their reply to the aforementioned was as follows:

1. Attempted to refund us the money paid for the repair
2. Void our warranty
3. Tell us we can to sue them for the damages
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-09-04
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-13:
hmm...youve always had bad service and because they got the wrong parts you dont like them? they cut the price of the work in HALF and youre STILL not happy? sheesh! You sure seem like you are the type that is never happy with anything.
Posted by dhinz on 2010-09-04:
guess I wasn't clear. once all our complaints are filed and closed, we will update this so the issues are salient and specific.

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