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Review by rae20 on 2010-08-13
STAFFORD, VIRGINIA -- I went to this place on a Saturday to get emissions for a vehicle that I had just purchased. Now I knew that it was Saturday so I was prepared to wait. I was there for an hour so I saw all of the service men come up to the vehicles ahead of me, ask what they were there for, get in the car, and drive it up to the service port. When my turn came, the man walked in front of the car and waived me up. When I drove up, he came to the window said go inside, we'll tell you when it done and walked off. he was so rude. I did not say anything because I was having a bad day and would have gone off. Now I do not like using the race card, but this was a middle aged Hispanic man and no one in that line was black but me. Unsure if that was the reason, or if it had something to do with the fact that I look like I'm about 19 or 20, but they drove everyone's vehicle to the work area and spoke to them with respect, everyone but me.
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Posted by leet60 on 2010-08-13:
The minute you read this " Now I do not like using the race card..." you know that is exactly what the poster is doing. It is ludicrous. Hispanics are just as much a minority as blacks and just as commonly discriminated against.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-14:
umm I hardly think it has anything to do with race. So because the guy told you to go and wait until it was done, you got mad? Considering hes an auto mechanic, you have to give the guy some credit. Its not like he's in the hospitality business. He's there to test the emmissions on your car. Just let it go and let the guy do his job.
Posted by rae20 on 2010-08-15:
First of all what does the fact that hispanics get discriminated against have to do with him making me drive my own car to the front and being rude to me? and it was the manner in which he said it and the fact that i had to drive my own car to the front when no one else in the whole line did and i was there for over an hour. and if you deal with customers at all, you should be friendly
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-15:
2nd civil war.....blacks vs hispanics....interesting isn't it?
Posted by rae20 on 2010-08-15:
i never said i had an actual problem with hispanics, i just said that this guy happened to be hispanic. and i did let it go, but i can still express my dislike for the way that i was treated and since he deals with customers, customer service IS part of his job.
Posted by biomajor on 2010-08-15:
Perhaps the other cars were there for service and not an emissions test. If they needed other services, perhaps they had to go to a different bay that patrons are not allowed in for insurance.

I'm only speculating, because our emissions tests are run by the state and they only do emissions testing.
Posted by rae20 on 2010-08-20:
I understand biomajor, but no, there were 4 bays in front of where our cars were and all the cars were driven up to one of the 4 bays by the employees, all but mine. My radio was turned down low and my windows were all the way down. i even turned it off when i was about 3 cars back and all of the employees were smiling here and there, and seemed nice - even the one that was rude to me. And it's funny because i also commented that it may have been the fact that i looked young, but no one had any problem with that. I was just wondering why i would have been treated differently than the others and merely stated the things that were different about me, my age - or what age i appeared to be anyway, and my race
Posted by Pepper on 2010-08-20:
if you aren't sure that race was the factor why bring it up
unless you're really trying to say race was the factor?

Posted by Starlord on 2010-08-20:
I would say that the mechanic was actually giving you a compliment. Usually, they will not let a customer drive their own vehicle anywhere near the service bays. A recent 20 Most Shocking had several examples of why, when customers drove their cars into the lube pit. I once had a customer refuse to let me drive his car into the service bay, and insisted on doing it himself. Then he turned around and said it was my fault he hit the frame for the lift that would have been used to raise his car to a level to be worked on. After that, customers were required to park their cars in the parking lot, and WE brought it into the shop. If we were going to be held liable, by golly, we would know that it was something we did and not some bullheaded customer. The mechanic in your case obviously felt, for whatever reason, that your driving skills were adequate to the task.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-20:
"Now I do not like using the race card" Then don't.
Posted by rae20 on 2010-08-24:
Understandable Starlord, never looked at it like that, but he was still rude. And i didn't say that race was NOT a factor, i just didn't understand why he would treat me differently than everyone else and stated the things that were different about me - my age and my race. I also added his race so that the all of the details were in there. If he were black, i would have added that too. And why in the hell was stating my race a problem, but stating my young appearance was not???? was it the race card comment?? maybe i should have left that out, i just had a feeling people would say that so i thought i would put out there that it was not my intention to "play the race card", but we WERE of different race - and age bracket although no one seems to have a problem with that comment.

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