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Review by rockyrsd on 2010-08-16
MARYLAND -- Just recently, I went to a Lia Sophia party. I had a great time! I ordered four pieces of jewelery for my pleasure and to help out my friend, the host of the party. Even though it was a pretty price, I was very satisfied with my purchase. To this day, my jewelry hasn't fallen apart. I recommend Lia Sophia to anyone who loves great parties, and beautiful jewelery!
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Posted by Pepper on 2010-08-16:
never heard of this company

but i do find "hasn't fallen apart yet" to be ... an odd compliment. were you expecting it to fall apart?
Posted by Skye on 2010-08-16:
Pepper, Lia Sophia is sold through home parties. You just cannot buy it in a store, yet anyway.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-16:
LOL Skye.

How long ago did you recently attend this Lia Sophia party?
How long do you usually expect jewelry to not fall apart?
What exactly is a pretty price?
Posted by Pepper on 2010-08-16:
well i figured it was party-sold but... i've never heard of it before. and i have heard of other party-sold products before

(i.e. avon, the original tupperware, party lite)

but i still wonder how "hasn't fallen apart yet" is much of a compliment.
Posted by olie on 2010-08-16:
I'm really glad your jewelry hasn't fallen apart.

PepperElf, you know how you go to a Tupperware party(or Avon, or Pampered Chef, or whatever), knowing that your hostess gets "credit" based on sales? And of course, you want to help out your friend or neighbor or co-worker. Lia Sophia is the same.

Except that you can get out of a Pampered Chef party for under $10. Tupperware might cost you a bit more, but hey--who can't use more Tupperware?

Lia Sophia, on the other hand, is sterling silver jewelry, often set with semi-precious stones. It's gorgeous stuff. But you can't get away with spending just $10 or $20, because there just isn't anything for that price. (Add 2 teenage daughters, and--OMG! And I was able to say NO to their wish lists.) I'm talking $40 or so for a pair of earrings or a basic bracelet.

On the other hand, the parties are fun and the food is good because the clientele tends to be willing to spend that kind of money. You can't expect your guests to pay those prices if you're serving store brand chips and onion dip, and "punch".

And if you can get my teenage son to "model" the pieces, it's a bonus. (He is a REALLY good sport this.)

For the price of Lia Sophia, that stuff had darned well better not fall apart!

Posted by Pepper on 2010-08-16:
yes i remember tupperware parties from growing up as well as an avon party
and i remember having an avon ring from when i was a child... it's probably somewhere still in one of my jewelry boxes

and yes i figured that lia is the same thing. but again until today i've never heard of it.

and i don't think they do tupperware parties as much as they use to - since you can buy it in the grocery stores.

though i rather liked party like myself. and one of my friends did a princess house one. i picked up a pretty tea-pot /mug combo and gave it to my sister for her birthday.

as for jewelry falling apart, mine usually doesn't. it might get lost but it usually doesn't fall apart.

then again i prefer silver to gold... and you have to be careful when buying gold. cos one of the tricks some companies do to get the prices down is to use hollow gold. meaning that sure it's still legally 14 or 18K gold but... it's not solid. gotta look out for stuff like that

(i use to work behind a discount counter, my last retail job actually, so i know how they cut costs on the gold pieces.)

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