Mcdonalds and Burger King Complaint - Fast Food is being taken over by Little Green Aliens!

Review by mjholly on 2005-02-08
HAMILTON, OHIO -- I have always enjoyed food from both BK and MickeyD's but I feel like both fast food chains are going downhill. Half of the employees at both BK and MickeyD's restaurants are stupid retarded 0-intelligence teenagers who talk instead of work, mess up your orders, and sometimes act rude to customers on the job, the restaurants are sometimes filthy with pieces of food and napkins on the floor, and their restrooms are also sometimes filthy and never cleaned or maintained. Also what pisses me off is that employees at both places enver wear sanitary gloves while handling food and that both BK and Mickeyd's never respond to complaints sent via Planet feedback because they are too lazy to answer those complaints. The teenage employees also argue and uss sometimes while working, offending many customers. This happened at a BK in Forest Park, Ohio, 6 years ago when I was getting an order there. The teenage employees were rude and they were arguing instead of working. If that keep up, I will have all of the BKS and MickeyD's in hamilton, Ohio, shut down and Red Lobsters, Olive gardens, and Outback Steakhouses where the emplloyees are nice and helpful and their restaurants and their restrooms clean and decent built in their places. I feel like aliens are taking over both Burger King and McDonalds! Their employees are ugly green Martians!
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Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-02-08:
The "ugly green martian" kinda sounds like someone I know that frequents this site. Good choice of words:-)
Posted by ExShopGirl on 2005-02-11:
"Half of the employees at both BK and MickeyD's restaurants are stupid retarded 0-intelligence teenagers who talk instead of work, mess up your orders, and sometimes act rude to customers..."

Awww diddums. This is fast food, not The Ritz. Do you consider all workers in the 'service' industry to be beneath you? We all have to start somewhere. As a former retail worker I'm sure you would be surprised and dismayed at the fantastic non-customer service job I now have.

Posted by Rattrap007 on 2005-04-03:
someone is off their meds...
Posted by hyena8 on 2005-04-03:
Don't eat there if it's that bad!
Posted by Phe on 2005-09-09:
The event you had a problem with happened 6 years ago? God, learn to let go, buddy.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-05:
I like to find resturants where the owner is in the kitchen or working the register. The older I get the more terrified I am of what might happen in a kitchen where the HIGHEST paid person makes 7 or maybe 9 bucks an hour. If I go to a local fast food chain and I do, I like going to the ones that have low employee turnover. I friend of mine's daughter worked at a Taco Bell and she had the flu ( doctor said so ) her manager told her to come into work or she was fired. I'll never eat there in a million years. But I'd say that could be any large chain resturant.
Posted by truckin21 on 2007-01-28:
How long is it going to take people to learn: No Matter where you go in this world, you are going to find A-holes, not only in people, but in business. And as long as people continue patronizing them they will be there. Bad business, just like bad people, can only last as long as you are willing to put up with it.
Posted by MissOrioles on 2007-10-02:
It about money the other day I did not even get my change back. last week the change was 12dollars I got 13 gave back one. The employees should at least have to now how to count.

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