MidCountry Mortgage Co Complaint - Ask for a lower interest rate since mine right now is over 8%

Review by caajna on 2010-08-17
HUTCHINSON, MINNESOTA -- I have a loan with MidCountry Bank I thought but now know it is a mortgage Co. The interest is over 8% and I have tried to get it lowered due to the enconomy in Southern IL being so bad. I bought this house for myself but found another bank who gave me a better interest rate on another house which I now live. I rent out the house that MidCountry has my loan on and was trying to get that lowered to what should be normal for today. This bank hirerd an appraisal service of Butler out of Marion Illinois, 618-997-6622. He called me at bout 8:30-9pm Sunday night, which I was in bed and on Sunday is "my" day, not a business day. I asked who and what he was and why Sunday, he got smart right off with me. He then proceeded to ask many questions which I didn't feel I needed to answer as I gave all my info to my personal loan officer. He said that if I didn't give him the info, he wouldn't do my paper work for a lower interest loan. Being in bed and not quite with it, that spooked me so I gave what he asked. I meant him on that Wed after at the house in question. He was rude, pushy and when the guy who I let live in the house came home for his one hour lunch, this guy went in looked around took pictures, ask questions at all times looking smug as a boss tossing his weight around. We left, he went to his car, I with him and he called me a liar and etc. He has no idea what he is talking about as he doesn't know me or what happened with this house. He got in his car to leave, and so I got in my car to leave as I knew that the man in the house had to get back to work. As I was leaving, this Butler man, turned around, went the other way and for some reason, I felt that he was up to something. I drove slow and the I saw him back up and pull around to come back to the house. I saw him pull into the drive of the house in question and I kept going my own way. I later called the man who lives in the house right now after he got home from work and he said that he did come back and that he asked him all kinds of questions. Now, since when does an appraisal company have the right to get into my business? Since when does anyone other then my banker ask things that relate to my work, my home and etc? I was denied a lower interest loan and because of this, I may not be able to keep this house going. If that does happen, I won't have a choise, it will forclose as there are no jobs in this area and even though I have tried, banks refuse to help by lowering interest set loans is wanting houses back. I wish I could give it back now but I am holding on as long as I can.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-17:
Other than contacting you on a Sunday, everything else you described sounds pretty much to be the norm for how an Appraiser does their job. How else are they supposed to accurately appraise a house w/o seeing it? So I would say they have every right to get into your business.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-08-17:
I think that banks charge a higher interest rate on a property that is a rental property. I'm sure that is why they were asking questions of the "man who lives in the house."
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-17:
Investment loans are usually a percent or two higher. We know nothing about your finances so 8% might be the best you get, especially if no one else want to refinance you.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-08-17:
"which I didn't feel I needed to answer as I gave all my info to my personal loan officer. "

It sounds like the company took over your loan. However they do have to ask you the questions because you're now dealing with a new company.

they may have different criteria to look at
and... it's very likely the bank didn't give them that information either because there's a LOT of legal restrictions on what information they can give out.

so when it comes to the questions they ask - yes they have every right to ask you these questions.

the one thing i agree with you on is the time that they called. after 8pm on ANY day is inappropriate, not to mention calling after 8pm on a sunday night when most people are resting up for the next day.

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