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Review by ban192 on 2010-08-18
RICHMOND HILL -- First of I should mention that I didn't know anything about "protection plans" until I ran into problems with our A/C as soon as the weather got super hot. needless to say the bill to fix it wasn't pretty specially since we've never had maintenance on any of our equipment and never thought we needed one.

the first important lesson I learned, if you don't do annual maintenance on your equipment your warranty is VOID!!! it says it right in the legal section of the warranty ... secondly the warranty doesn't cover any of the parts that cost a lot and tend to break down a lot, hence why it's called limited warranty I guess... as you can imagine I was pissed mad, nobody regulates the big advertisements on warranty ... anyways, I don't want to get mad again

so I decided I should get some sort of insurance/protection on our equipment since I might go broke by paying a lot to fix them. there are not a lot of choices, in fact I could only find one company, which was direct energy... but I've had bad experience with them with water heaters and some of their contract scams ... I really didn't want to give in to direct energy ... a few weeks ago I got a promotional letter from a new company, CEMP which stands for Canadian Energy Maintenance & Protection ... this was exactly what I was looking for but I wasn't sure if I should trust it ... so I called, and got to ask all of the questions I had on my mind ... I decided to go ahead with them since there are NO Contracts involved (big yay for me, I hate contracts)

last week I had a inspection form CEMP come and go over all the equipment in our basement and did a 10 min talking about energy saving and stuff ... to be honest I don't remember most of it but they seemed interesting at the time ... and a few days ago we had our first maintenance ... an older technician came to the house and he went through everything, it took him a while but he got all of our equipments super cleaned, like brand new clean, before he left he gave us a report of the job he had done and also a satisfaction survey that asked how we liked the service, obviously he got high marks ...

today I got a call from the CEMP head office rechecking to see if I was really happy ... this is all interesting and brand new to me, I've never come across anything like this ... they asked me if I'd write a review about them online so here I am

so now I have an insurance for my equipment, I can sleep relaxed, but it seems I also made the right choice,

if you have CEMP plan let me know you thoughts
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Posted by BEJ on 2010-08-18:
Great review--thanks for posting.

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