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Review by TOOMUCH on 2010-08-21
I am in the process of purchasing a home and will need to get cable TV. I have been reviewing the different options, cable vs satellite, not a fan of satellite since I live in Florida and our afternoon storms normally knocks out the signal. As I have been reviewing the "different packages" for cable, they all offer over 100 channels. I started thinking, how many channels have I ever watched. I can count maybe 4, so again, I was thinking the typical household probably does not watch over 10 different channels at any given time. So why is it I have to pay to watch over 100 different channels when its not necessary. Why can't you have smaller packages (start off with a package of 10 channels) and have a "menu" of the different channels and let the consumer pick and choose what channels they would like to receive and price accordingly? I think you would find many more consumers would be able to afford cable TV if this was an option.

Anyway, just my 3 cents.
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Posted by addicted2my3cents on 2010-08-21:
cable companies do have a small package. its basic cable service. usually between channels 2-22 sometimes more, sometimes less, just depending on your area. a step up from that is expanded basic cable. i tell my customers all the time i wish we could pick and choose the channels and pay accordingly, but unfortunately with paying the broadcasters and the cost of providing the service, that is, and probably wont ever be, possible. good luck to your search.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-08-21:
I agree with the OP. Even if you get the "100 channel" (or more) package that most companies offer, you will find, that out of the wonderful 100 channel package you got a deal on, at least 15 are shopping channels, some of them the same channel on two different channel numbers, several foreign language channels, the providers preview or information channel, music channels of a genre you could care less about, channels such as the wonderful world of frog gigging and the like. In general about 25 channels the average person would even consider watching.

In my opinion, cable/sattelite companies should allow the customer to select the channels they would like to have programmed to their service - sort of an "a la carte" offer. This would allow each customer to personalize their viewing choices, and the cable providers would have higher retention and customer satisfaction.

As the system is. Just when I begin to enjoy watching a particular channel, it seems the companies inadvertently decide to drop or change the programming at their whim.

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