Highline Hospital, dba (other names) Complaint - Guaranteed to make you sicker

Review by Don on 2010-08-21
BURIEN (A SEATTLE SUBURB), WASHINGTON -- Highline Hospital, also dba "Highline Medical Center", of Burien Washington -- has an excellent Emergency Room and ER staff, and their inpatient Food Services are also outstanding.

However the Ward/Floor doctors and nurses are a different story: Upon an ER visit my foot-infection was officially confirmed as MRSA. I provided a list of medications I take for heart disease etc, and medications I am ALLERGIC to and CANNOT take without serious harm. When I was transported up to the ward I handed this list DIRECTLY to the ward Night-Physician.
Within an hour she tried to force me on FOUR DIFFERENT meds on that list, and when I refused, she screamed at me that she was going to: "Write You Up As Non-Compliant" ... unless I took them. I don't need threats from a doctor; I walked. Actually I had to call Security to help carry me to my car. I was in that bad off.

Re-admitted several days later, now with Pneumonia as well as the massive leg/foot infection, things started somewhat better, although they put me in a shared room despite my highly-contagious MRSA.

From there it was just Abuse Abuse Abuse, with nurses at least 3 time DAILY trying to force me on those meds or dosages I CANNOT take without damaging my kidneys and liver.

I also witnessed a "Charge Nurse" body-block my roommate from the bathroom until his bowels let loose in the middle of the floor, which later happened to me also, same "Charge Nurse", with help from my "room nurse" who had been withholding my doctor-ordered pro-biotic/anti-diarrhea medication to FORCE me to take the harmful drugs. This same male nurse, "[snip]", also refused to provide aspirin, claiming "the Doctor is Too Busy to see you, but he told Me you could only have ONE aspirin every TWENTY-FOUR HOURS but only if your temperature is over 102 degrees." -- My temperature reached well over 104 degrees before I finally got to see the doctor, and he denied everything "[snip]" said, and ordered that I could have up to 3 aspirin every 12 hours. (The fever broke immediately after the first 3, as I knew it would.)

Then the OTHER doctor -the one who had threatened me until I walked-out from the previous admission -- returned from vacation and took over the night-shift again. And immediately discharged me. Still with Pneumonia. Still with MRSA. And with the IV-Lines and Port still in my arm.

I subsequently spent several months in another hospital, which never even once attempted to poison me as Highline Hospital did. However during that time three of my friends were admitted to Highline Hospital. Two if them died there, and the third managed to get herself transferred to assisted-living, where she made an immediate and miraculous "complete recovery".

Don't allow yourself to be admitted to Highline Hospital in Burien Washington (a Seattle suburb) -- unless you have a deathwish.
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Posted by Don on 2010-08-21:
I just realized I should have used the words Complaints, Problem, Problems, to make my Complaint about Highline Hospital findable.
Posted by Disaster Worker on 2010-08-22:
As a medic, I can tell you MRSA is forever. Most of us are MRSA colonized in our nose but not everyone gets sick with it. I haven't heard of hospitals giving aspirin (except for a MI) in many, many years. How large is this hospital? You can send your complaint to your state department of health.

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