Good Fellaz Pizza, Roanoke Va Complaint - Bad Management Consumer Interaction

Review by angry pizza eater on 2010-08-22
ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- Today some friends and I ordered a pizza from GoodFellas Pizza on Brambleton. We selected an extra large regular specialty pizza with 2 additional toppings: bacon and sundried tomatoes and it also came with an order of breadsticks. When the pizza came... everything looked and smelled delicious. We all started in on the breadsticks and finished those off before turning to the pizza.

We all took a slice, hungry, full of anticipation from what we knew to be good pizza. And it was, except- no bacon. We pulled the toppings off of some of the remaining slices to make sure. Now, We had specifically asked for bacon on the pizza and were charged for that additional topping. We immediately called Goodfella's back and very politely explained that the pizza we ordered and paid for wasn't the pizza we received.

We were brusquely put on hold and then in equally gruff tones told that we could get a credit for $10 towards a future order or they would deliver us a new pizza. Since the pizza we ordered was nearly $20, we requested the replacement pizza. We were told that it would be delivered shortly. A few minutes later, we received a call asking how much of the pizza we'd consumed; we responded with a few slices. We were then told that they would trade the old pizza for the new. We were fine with that, we just wanted what we ordered. When the replacement pizza arrived we traded out the old pizza for the new.

The delivery man looked into the box at the half of the pizza remaining stating that he couldn't give us a new pizza. There was half of the pizza remaining in the box. We then called the Goodfellas a third time and asked for the manager, the man on the line replied with a rather annoyed "yea" I continued to politely inquire about the pizza and I was told very rudely that I had eaten all the pizza-- which was not the case. He then said that they would not be delivering to this address anymore. I then inquired due to what reason and he very belligerently answered, "you ate all the pizza and called to say it wasn't right after the fact to get a new pizza" I then stated we didn't eat all the pizza and also that we called in timely manner. He continued to be rude and said his delivery driver called him and he told him to bring back the pizza, and again stated that they were not delivering to this address again and hung up on me. The delivery driver then showed up and said he was told to bring the pizza back. I politely said thankyou. Upset I called Goodfellas a final time and asked for the name of the manager and I stated I had a complaint. He replied with a first or nickname, when asked if this name would be recognized if a complaint was made, he said sure and hung up on me again. Upon futher inquiry, I was appalled to find out that the man I'd been speaking to who provided with with such contradictory and rude customer service was one of the owners.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-22:
I feel sorry for the delivery guy.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-22:
There are people who truly think that businesses should do whatever the customer wants, as is seen over on PFB, but I disagree. Businesses have been forced to draw a line and decide which customers are worth keeping or they'd find themselves closing up shop. The internet has made it so easy for people to complain about every little thing and then threaten to badmouth a company when they don't get their way. Those are the people who ruin it for everyone else.

If the OP and his/her friends like this place and have had good experiences in the past, is something like a missing topping really worth all this? I'm not even sure I would have complained considering all the food they received was good. And if I did call, I would have been more than happy with the ten dollar credit. I can't imagine having another pizza delivered just because the original one was missing a topping, especially if I was hungry!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-22:
Okay, they didn't get what they ordered and probably paid more for what they didn't get. I don't see why they can't call to complain, but if it tasted fine, I would have accepted the $10 off the next pizza and left it at that. (That was a generous offer.) They would have felt like someone was listening and would have kept ordering pizzas from this place. The owner would have done his part to keep his customer happy. It could have been a win-win for everyone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-22:
Venice, we posted at the same time--very similar thought!

Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-22:
Sing, I too think ten dollars was a generous offer. Knowing I'm heard is the most important thing to me. Coupons and freebies are nice, but I'd rather a company take my complaint seriously and try to improve. I always feel like coupons are just a way to brush people off.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-22:
sing, I agree with you, but what I dont agree with, is if the custoemr was so unsatisfied with the pizza, why they consumed half of it. If I was the owner/manager I would have just let them have the pizza and be done with it. I wouldnt have told the delivery man to bring back the pizza, since it would have probably been thrown away anyway, I hope they wouldnt have sent out the same pizza to someone else. I have a feeling the situation escalated over the phone, upset the owner/manager and ended in the owner blacklisting the customer.
Posted by V on 2010-08-22:
Hmmm... I don't know if this may be what happend or not, but it's a thought.

The OP states that "Today some friends and I" and "We all took a slice". If there were 4 people there and they each took a slice, that would be 4 slices out of most likely 8 slices for a large pizza. So half the pizza would have been gone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-22:
Prince, Mrs V and Venice, all great answers. Prince, I definitely would have just left the pizza. You're there already--why waste food? Venice, I just want to know I've been heard too, but if they throw in something for my trouble, I defnitely am not going to turn it down :) I think sometimes the managers/owners do not know how to handle complaints. They probably lost some business that no restaurant can afford to do. Not just the op, but the friends also. That can up over a years time. Mrs. V, good thinking!
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-22:
I think the owner asked for the pizza back because he's probably tired of sending out a new order to people who ate half or more of the wrong one. It's an easy way to get free food at the expense of the business.

I agree with Mrs. V that four slices were probably gone, but the OP didn't state the number of friends, so I didn't mention it. If they did eat half the pizza, that would be a good reason to be happy with the ten dollar credit.

Sing, I definitely wouldn't mind something for my trouble, but I don't want to feel like nothing is being done about my complaint. I recently opened a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter and the seal was slit all the way through. It really did look like it was done intentionally. I emailed the company thinking they would want to see the jar. They responded with an acknowledgment and some coupons but no request for me to return the jar. I was disappointed. I really thought it was something that needed to be checked.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-08-22:
I'm confused, you ate half of it? If the bacon wasn't on there you'd be able to tell by looking or within the first few bites. It's obvious you finished the slices without bacon THEN complained. Half the pizza is now gone. If you could eat the pizza without the bacon I would have just dealt with it or taken the coupon for next time. You aren't out 20 dollars for the pizza, you're only out the cost of the bacon, which is less then the 10 dollar credit he originally gave you.

Ditto everyone on the coupons thing. If you remember my "moldy" tyson chicken nuggets post, well they sent me a coupon and a letter, but never once did they ask to see my photos. They definitely brushed me off. Oh well, at least I got a free bag of dinosaur nuggets out of it!
Posted by Jennifer on 2010-08-23:
The place made a mistake and tried to correct it. Ytropious is right, a bite or two would have been all it took to realize there was no bacon. If you wanted a new pizza, you should have thrown the bitten slices back in. I'm not sure what he was planning on doing with it, and I think it's pretty stupid to demand that you return the pizza instead of just pleasing the customer and sending another one. But after the second phone call, I think I would have given up and vowed never to eat at that place again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23:
What everyone is missing is the fact that the order was incorrect. Period. Regardless of how many slices, how long it took the customer to respond or call, etc...the order was wrong. Period. Two wrongs don't make a right. The order should have been fixed as a sign of good faith by the owner. A simple, "I'm sorry for the mix-up and delay, we'll have a new one out immediately free of charge since it was our fault in the first place". Period.
Posted by Jennifer on 2010-08-23:
I'm in agreement with you, J4A, but where do you draw the line? When do you just say enough is enough and chalk it up to a bad experience-one that you will vow never to relive and will try your hardest to make sure no one else does either? Word of mouth goes a lot further than a bunch of phone calls to some guy that wants your used pizza. The pizza guy was wrong. No disputing that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23:
You still don't eat half a pizza if your order is wrong.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23:
I totally agree with you on this one J4A.

Why the heck they wanted the original pizza back is beyond me. It's just going to end up in the trash can. Yet another example of purely brain dead dweebs who have no business dealing with the public.

Now I have to wonder if the driver was trying to scam a free meal with his little ploy. In fact I'd say that's probably the case.

Good review!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23:
As Mrs.V very eloquently points out, the OP alone didn't eat half a pizza. All of her friends took a slice at the same time. My family and I do that all the time. They each bit into and realized it was the wrong pizza. Half a pizza remains. Do you honestly open a pizza box and say, "Hey, let me check this first before anyone else tries a slice". Yeah, sure. Therefore half a pizza remained and the correct call was made to management. It should have been replaced. Period. If it was someone eating by themselves, then yeah, I could see your point. But then again, this isn't CSI and a customer shouldn't have to sit there and explain there actions over an order that was incorrect in the first place. Simple solution: Pizza was wrong, pizza gets fixed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23:
Man J4A you're on fire with this one.

The truly illogical part is that the store is already out the expense of making the replacement pizza as well as the expense of the driver re-delivering the pizza. At this point the only option that could possibly financially benefit the store is the repeat business of a satisfied customer. But heck the owner blew that one with his 'NO SOUP FOR YOU' postal outburst.

What a moron.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23:
For the record...I'm having pizza for lunch today:o)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23:
All I know is that if I wanted bacon on my pizza, GoodFellas on Brambleton Ave. in Roanoke, Va., is more than happy to charge me for it, but less than willing to actually put it on my pie.

GoodFellas is just another restaurant that hates customers. There are a lot of those where I live; you can identify them by the shuttered windows, locked doors and empty parking lots.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23:
Never seen a Good Fellas pizza establishment before.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-23:
I agree a little with both sides, ten bucks off the next order seems reasonable as well as sending another. Requesting the 1/2 eaten ($10.00) back was not unreasonable, since they have probably had problems with things like this before.
Getting not what you ordered is not right, but if you are in a restaurant, and something is wrong, do they not take it away or leave it there for you to finish? I would think that with the mentioned toppings, that after a bite you could tell there was no bacon on it. JM#C
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-23:
Best answer, jkt. Obviously you don't consume half a pizza, no matter how many people were there, and not notice the bacon was missing after the first bite or two. The owner may have over reacted but I'm betting he's been taken for a ride one too many times and has had enough.

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