Exelon Corporation/Commonwealth Edison Complaint - Question: Does Exelon train their employees to lie?

Review by ConsAdvMan on 2010-08-26
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Received a bill for over 2 1/2 times normal usage. Called Commonwealth Edison to ask "Why?". Waited on hold for 20 minutes and went back and forth with a CS Rep trying to tell me that "because my service for the last 3 months was 'estimated' and this was a real billing, and to remember that "ESTIMATED USAGE IS A NUMBER GENERATED RANDOMLY BY THEIR COMPUTER AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED IN ANY WAY REALISTIC". I asked her to tell me what my usage was for the SAME time period in 2009 and noted that using 2009 vs 2010 there was no way I could have run up an additional 1400 kwh. I said the meter must be defective. she said she would have to transfer me to the AMT dep't., pls hold. I held and was disconnected after 10 minutes. I called back did a quick explanation and was told THIS CS Rep would stay on the line until the AMT Dep't picked up. Some 30 minutes on hold later the line was picked up by another CS Rep in the SAME DEPARTMENT AS THE ONE WHO PUT ME ON HOLD! So this last CS Rep apparently LIED to me. (It would appear that Exelon/ComEd also train their employees to put customers on infinite hold in hopes they will just give up.)
I again did a quick explanation to be told by this CS Rep that "THERE IS NO SUCH DEPARTMENT AS AMT". So either both of the first 2 CS Reps deliberately lied to me or this last CS Rep deliberately lied to me. I was told that a company representative would call me within 72 hours. I explained that I would be out of town for the next week. They said they would leave a name and a number to call back. While I was away they called and left a name and a call back number. I called back, got a voice mail, and left a message to return my call - TWICE!!! it's been over a week now since the last call back and, guess what, no return to my call.
So, from appearances, Exelon/ComEd:
- Over bill their customers with defective meters and refuse to discuss or inspect the matter.
- Train their employees to lie to their customers.
- train their CS Reps to place customers on infinite hold with the hopes that they will give up.
- Train their employees not to return phone calls for the same purpose as #1 above.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-08-26:
They're probably not trained to lie, they're probably told a script to give all customers that they consider "problems." Its not the agents' fault, they have no power at all.
Posted by Johanna on 2010-08-26:
It's always a shock to get those "actual usage" bills after a month of two of estimated bills. Same thing happened to me with Nicor a couple years ago.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-08-26:
You will normally get "estimated" bills from a utility if they don't feel the meter reader has Safe access or access in general to read the meter (i.e. a dog in the yard, fenced yard with locked gate etc.). Any other excuse for "estimating" a bill should not be accepted.
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-08-27:
Did you check your meter? You should be able to read it yourself and see how far they are off.
Posted by ConsAdvMan on 2010-08-29:
While I 'thank you' for your responses, unfortunately you are missing more of the 'facts'....
1. The meter was one of the new "Smart" meters...installed in Feb. (one of the last ones in our area. They came out end Jan. but had the wrong meter...connections didn't match. Said they'd be back in a hour or so, so I left my computers off the rest of the day. They came back almost 2 weeks later. So, new "Smart" meter that's read electronically...est in Apr, est in May, est in June???
2. As said, I compared the usage from same months in 2009 to this years. Except for the July billing they were almost identical...ave of 800 to 1100 kwh...then came the July 'Actual' bill with 2685kwh...twice the 'normal' usage.
3. As for reading the meter myself, if the meter is mis-calibrated/defective and measuring the usage wrong, my reading it isn;t going to tell me how for off the meter is.
4. Last, but not least, I have no real issue with the agents...but with the company that expects the agents to fend off complaints, but not actually deal with them. And, if they are given a 'script' that infers things not true or actually has the agent telling the customer falsehoods, it that not TRAINING THEM TO LIE?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-29:
I can sympathize with you, I really can. these utility companys can do and say what they want and you know what? What can you do about it? Its not like you can just "cancel" your electric, or pick another company. It really stinks. I would keep on them. Keep calling them until you get someone that can help you.

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