GamesaGalore Xbox 360 Repair Complaint - Bad Repair Job, Worse Customer Service!!!

Review by shelleybear on 2010-08-27
LINCOLN PARK, MICHIGAN -- I sent a broken Xbox 360 in for repair on 4-11-2010 and pre-paid the $60 fee. I carefully boxed it up in a strong cardboard box with a lot of bubble wrap, and shipped it at my expense. It was returned without any box & very poorly insulated, considering that it is a delicate electronic device that could be easily damaged by the rough handling during shipping.

It did work, but only for 3 months. Their website says that they,"re-flow every system - long term repair that should last for a year or better". But the same problem, the "Red Ring of Death", came right back.

I have emailed, but never received a response. I call almost every day, but no one ever answers. I have left many voicemail messages, but no one ever returns my call. Their customer service is terrible, and their repair was a rip-off.

I want my money back or my Xbox 360 repaired at their expense.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2010-08-27:
Sucks about the X-Box, but your walkway's kicking.
Our kids have a 360 that is doing the same thing on us. When i get time, I'm just going to see if there are good deals on used ones on E-Bay instead of bothering trying to fix it, for what may end up being more money.
Posted by Freddy2Times on 2010-10-13:
Uh, did you know that you have about a 3 yr warranty from Microsoft themselves? For that SPECIFIC problem your system had. (Yes, they know about their crappy fan issues.)

Next time, keep the box with the receipt IN IT, in your closet or something. Never let a 3rd party repair your machine for ANY reason. Once they open your machine, your manufacturers warranty is immediately voided.
Posted by TruthOrBust on 2011-01-27:
If you want to fight Gamesagalore X-Box 360 Repair, search for Gamesagalore with Scam or Fraud and add your reviews to ALL the websites that come up. Here is one of my reviews.
"Gamesagalore has two locations not too far from each other. I can't claim anything on the local shop where you take it in person to. What I can tell you is NOT to MAIL ANYTHING to them. If you don't want to take my word for it, call the Attorney General's office and ask about Gamesgalore. They will tell you there are A LOT OF COMPLAINTS filed for the same reasons. They make promises they have no intension of fulfilling. They lie on their web page and don't give returns. If you want another reference to this call the police department in Lincoln Park Michigan about their address at 569 Park Lincoln Park, MI. 48146 Nothing but bad business. These people aren't just bad at what they do....they are just bad to people. SCAM."
Posted by ridz on 2011-03-29:
Don't loose heart folks. Today (3/29/2011) I just got off the phone with the United States Postal Inspector who is investigating the many many complaints about gamesagalore! Mail Fraud is pretty nasty business. Luckily I've kept all my records and dealings with them and have forwarded everything to them. They are following up on all BBB complaints so go ahead and leave a complaint with them too.
Posted by TruthOrBust on 2011-04-04:
It makes me sick to see all these new reviews that have been posted to different sites having the same problems almost a year after Gamesagalore scammed me. I fought to make it right for me and I guess a few more people will have to fight against their fraud until Gamesagalore are finally stopped from doing the illegal business they keep doing.

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