Northwoods Cottage Rental in Northport, MI Complaint - Rental of Northwoods Cottage, VRBO #309938

Review by Lainie on 2010-08-29
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Based on photos and a great description of Vacation Rental By Owner #309938 in Northport, Michigan, our family rented for a week the "Northwoods Cottage." The rental for the week was $3,000.00 with a $250.00 security deposit. Communication with the owner in Texas gave no hint of the condition of this cottage. Excited, we made the nine hour drive from Ohio to Northport, Michigan, to a cabin on Paradesia Road. Upon entering the cabin from a side entrance, we stepped into the kitchen with large bags of groceries -- as we were expecting other family members -- and were anxious to start dinner preparation. Looking for a place to put the bags, we noticed the dirty counters. I looked in the cupboards. I saw a stack of dishes -- the top one with dried food on it, looked at the next one -- it too had dried food and so on down the line. The burners of the stove had food caked around each one of them and the oven was very, very dirty. The dishwasher still had dirty dishes in it. The floor looked like someone had swashed a dirty mop around. The kitchen was in bad shape but we could have worked with it had it been clean. We got all this for $3,000.00! We then looked in the great room -- a wonderful stone ceiling to floor fireplace stood in the middle but surrounding it were stained, dirty furniture; lamps that wouldn't work -- you get the picture. Inspecting the beds, I lifted up a mattress and out crawled some bugs! Believe me, I could go on. The place was in a phrase, extremely dirty and I'm being kind.
I called the owner, told him of the conditions and he wanted us to stay there, meet with his cleaning man and show him what needed to be done! This was not a cleaning problem that could be solved in several hours or I could and would have done that myself. But it was beyond anything anyone could have done even in several days -- the place was that dirty. Furniture needed to be thrown out, mattresses need to be thrown out or disinfected -- where would a person start?
This cabin/cottage had been clearly neglected for some time. Of course, we left. I asked the owner to return our money. If the "cabin" advertised that vacationers would be "roughing it" and "doing their own cleaning" we wouldn't have been stupid enough to pay $3,000.00 for the week. We feel strongly that we were cheated out of a vacation. Other people should know about this cottage and make sure that it doesn't happen to them.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-29:
How disappointing. Your vacation really was ruined. I wouldn't have been been able to stay either. I hope you took some pictures and get your money back without having to take it any further. I wouldn't hesitate to go to small claims court if necessary.
Posted by Johanna on 2010-08-29:
+10 Venice
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-29:
I hate it when people take advantage of vacationers with their phony pictures. How many times has that happened to people? I agree with Venice--definitely take them to small claims court, if necessary. If they have a conscience, though, they will give you a refund immediately. I hope you were able to find somewhere to stay, but I know it's not always easy last minute. Thanks for the post and warning others about this "vacation cabin". This needs to be stopped.

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