Preferred Pools & Spas LLC Complaint - Extremely Dissatisfied

Review by Fus on 2010-08-30
MAUMEE, OHIO -- To begin the ordeal, my mother had preferred pools & spas come out to repair our hot tub that was leaking. It was determined that the circulation pump needed to be replaced, after being replaced the heater no longer worked because of low flow errors, due to my schedule I had to leave the hot tub not working till I got time to troubleshoot. I actually found out that a 115V pump was replaced with a 230V pump. I called preferred to complain and spoke with a manager, he assured me that his tech would not have been that stupid to put the wrong pump in. Afterward my mom received a call that in fact it is a 230V pump and the manufacturer no longer uses 115V pumps as of 2009 and we have a 2003 model, and that the original pump can't be ordered. I make a call to the manufacturer master spas, and confirm what I learned in 5 minutes of using Google, they make a like replacement that is 115V and is a drop in replacement, the worker even assures me he has personally shipped two of them in the past week. Instead of rushing the order of the correct pump, preferred opts to come out and perform a conversion to make the circulation pump run at 230V which is theoretically sound. So, now any future replacement pump might be destroyed if a company orders the correct 115V pump and puts it on as preferred made it run at 230, citing it is more efficient. Also, 5 minutes after the tech leaves smoke is billowing from the circuit board, he comes back to determine that the problem was the heater connections were loose and caused an electrical arcing that melted part of the board which started to burn. The tech assured me over time the connections can loosen from vibrations from the pump and it really isn't a major concern. Which leads me to another compliant, on the pump they replaced they did NOTHING to secure the pump to the frame of the hot tub as was done with the other model. When I pointed this problem out to the tech he said they only screw the motors because of shipping and that it really doesn't matter.... same guy who previously cited the pump vibration possibly loosened the heater screws. Furthermore, I was accused of possibly messing with the heater as a reason for the screws coming lose, which overlooks the fact the tech was replacing a pump connected to it and could have been the cause of the screws loosening. I have a technical background and know well enough not to mess with circuits I'm paying someone else a premium to maintain who is supposed to be "experienced".

Preferred installed a non standard replacement pump that required wiring changes. Lied about the availability of the previous model pump. Overlooked securing the new pump. Not happy they took advantage of my mother's lack of technical knowledge to tell her the actual replacement pump doesn't exist and anyone like her has no choice but to believe them.

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