Breeder Network Compliment - Puppy Birthday Blessing

Review by LRR on 2010-09-02
I wanted to thank [this company] for providing me with such a wonderful little pomeranian puppy. I purchased our little guy for my husband's birthday, something he'd always wanted, but I was nervous about using the internet for my needs. Breeder network made the entire process easy and I'm very pleased with the outcome. Excellent customer service, quality puppy, you guys are great, thank you.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-09-03:
I'm really glad you and your husband are so satisfied LRR. I'm a huge advocate for boycotting breeders, however. There are too many dogs and puppies in local animal shelters that can really use a good home. Paying breeders to do just that is, in part, why there is so much of a problem.
Posted by T on 2010-09-04:
To "Helpful" - my opinion is a bit different than yours. Reputable and responsible breeders do not sell their dogs throught the internet. They spend a lot of time and money supporting the breed (only one or two), and they pretty much break even. They really don't contribute to the problem, because responsible people like I buy from them. I made an agreement with the breeder that if I ever get rid of my dog, it goes back to her.

The kinds of breeders that a place like this uses do not fit that category. Notice that this "company" doesn't list their suppliers (breeders). I would never buy a puppy from a middleman. These breeders, unlike the above, care about one thing only. The people buying their puppies often don't put much thought into the process. To me, this is what contributes largely to what you see at the pound/shelter.

There is a whole other side to this problem, and that is the prevalence of illness in puppies obtained online and from pet store.

People need to stop buying from pet stores and the internet. Contact an AKC club to get a list of reputable breeders. It isn't hard - takes one or two phone calls. Then go to a breeder in person to make your purchase. The puppy will be much cheaper (tells you something) and probably healthier.

Or, go to a pound or shelter. Many of their dogs are purebreds, and survived long enough to be a healthy and happy member of someone's family. Sadly, many of the puppies from puppy mills don't make it that far.
Posted by T on 2010-09-04:
Also, research this company. It has a BBB rating of "F", and appears to be related to another company called Breeders Direct. That company has a longer record, and also has a rating of "F" (West Palm Beech FL BBB).
Posted by Helpful on 2010-09-04:
Or one can ALWAYS go to a shelter for the next dog or puppy.

Supporting breeders of any kind, regardless of why they claim they're in the business, are still making money and still contributing to an overpopulated pet population. Buying from an animal shelter supports the good work they do and gives a dog a new home. I guarantee these puppies know how great it is too. They're much more appreciative and generally make a much better family member.
Posted by T on 2010-09-10:
Sorry Helpful, I don't agree at all that one should ALWAYS go to a shelter. If somebody doesn't support breeders who work hard every day furthering their respective breeds, we'll end up with all mutts. Nobody will care what a retriever or boxer used to be in the old days.

You don't seem to recognize that reputable breeders work their rear ends off, and don't make much money at all off their puppies. They travel many weekends to shows, and stay in motels, etc. They have a couple of litters a year.

You say that paying breeders helps further the problem, but don't address the fact that "breeder" encompasses a range of individuals from lowlifes to the extremely responsible and decent.

Reputable breeders are in stark contrast to puppy mills, where the "breeders" have only one thing in mind. Making money. You know these "people" are going to breed their dogs as often as they can.

I got a purebred because of several breed-specific traits. And the dog's personality fits the descriptions I researched. And I got a dog that doesn't have personality issues like dogs from shelters often have. Most of my breeder's dogs are NOT sold, but kept for show purposes or cared for by a circle of associates.

Shelters serve an important purpose. They are a great repository for people who bought dogs impulsively, people who died and didn't plan for where their family member should go, people who don't take care of their dogs, people who bought ill-tempered puppies that came from puppy mills, etc. They serve an important purpose, but to me I should be able to buy from a responsible breeder if that is my choice.

I shouldn't have to make up for the stunning lack of foresight and ignorance of others.
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-10:
If someone wants a pure breed, they should do a google search in their town, county, or entire state. There are many purebreed rescues out there, all looking for homes. All of our German Shepherds have been rescues, as well as other dogs I've had over the years. They have puppies as well as older dogs, desperately in need of loving homes.
Posted by T on 2010-11-26:
Anyone considering dealing with this company should do some research first. The company is owned by Naresh Chhabra, the father of a Vineet (Vincent) Chhabra and Sabina Chhabra Faruqui, according to the internet.

Vincent Chhabra was the kingpin of the largest online pharmacy scam prosecuted to date, and was involved with other pet sales companies Anypets.com (aka Any Pets Inc), breedersdirect.com, premiumbreeders.com according to various posts on the internet.
Posted by T on 2011-06-26:
This company, Breeder Network, had an "F" rating at the bbb within a few months of opening, and it racked up several more complaints quickly.

As of today, the site appears to be shutting down in preparation for another name change. The 800 number is gone, and there are no active ads. I tried to look at a puppy, and it sent me to a list of puppies at a new site called Breeder Headquarters ( breederhq.com ). It looks exactly the same, just a new name. Two weeks ago, the sites had the exact same puppies listed.

They are averaging changing names once a year or two. It is obvious why - all these company names have an "F" at the bbb.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-06-27:
trm, skye...great points.

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