American Computer Consultants Complaint - Sleazy/Greedy Man

Review by Rini on 2005-02-16
QUEENS VILLAGE, NEW YORK -- This is Information for all those out there who are planning to do business with American Computer Consultants. The owner is **removed** and their offices are located at 212-55 Jamaica Avenue, 2nd floor, New York. In my opinion, he is a very sleazy and greedy businessman. The following is my experience

In Early 2003, I started doing some contract work for him twice a week. My job entitled in-house computer repair as well as on-site repair. For the first few weeks, he settled the invoices on time and in some cases, he even settled some weekly. Our deal was once every 2 weeks. However, as time went by, he got worse. I would have to ask him several times before he would give me a check. There were times I went more than 3 weeks without any invoices being settled. As the invoices began to pile up, he began to ignore my requests. **removed** kept saying that he would mail it in but I would never get it.

The last incident was when **removed** changed the invoice settling day from Thursday to Friday WITHOUT giving me any notice. I swallowed my anger and said that I would wait for him to mail the check on Friday. However, Monday rolls around and still nothing in the mail from him. When I called him, he gave me some juvenile excuse and said that he has the check in front of him which he is going to mail right away. By this time, I had had enough. It was the end of the month and I had to pay my rent. So, I told him that I will not do any contract work for him until he has settled the three outstanding invoices. His huffing and puffing about giving him a 2-week notice had no effect on me. We had no such deal where I had to give him a 2 week notice. Also, if he doesn’t keep his end of the bargain where he settles invoices in a timely fashion, I am under NO obligation to give him any kind of notice.

At the end of that phone conversation, we came to a deal. It was decided that when I receive the first invoice check, I would send him the cell phone that he provided me. When the time came to settle the third and final invoice, I would take the computer to his office and effectively exchange the computer with the check. The computer in question is a Dell Pentium computer which he gave me to practice Linux (This computer is not even worth $300 in today’s market). As a good measure, I sent him an e-mail confirming our deal which he acknowledged receiving.

I kept my end of the deal, after the first check cleared, and sent him the cell phone and a couple days after that I sent him the cell phone charger. Today, the day before the second invoice was due, I sent him a reminder. His response was that he is not going to send me anything until he receives the computer. Infact, he even denied making any deals about that. The only way he was going to pay me was if he received the computer and then he would send me the check. To make matters worse, he gave me NO ASSURANCES that he would indeed settle the invoices after he receives the computer. Given Our past experience, I had no doubt that he wouldn’t settle anything. For the record, the total of this two invoices is close to $800.

Yes, this is my personal experience but it is very telling of the greedy and shady nature of this person. His dealings with his clients is also not any different. I will be happy to give you more information if you would like.

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