Garden City of NY Complaint - Never Deal Here - Sales 2010 Altima

Review by showme87 on 2010-09-03
1-Poor customer treatment. ie-massive use of profanity (Negative words)to customers

2-They admitted customer satisfaction is not their top priority.

3-Not keeping word, even with written contract (changing prices and adding other fees without letting the customer know).

4-Arguing with customer when we ask for explanation about hidden charges.
5-Car that I did the paper work for, and the car that I was going to pick up was totally different. So I had to cancel the insurance and spend time and money changing the insurance.

6- Promised a navigation if a purchase was made, but backed off from the offer when all papers were signed.

7-Lie-Nance manager(Finance) lied about APR, credit score, and tried to mislead with buying the 2000 dollar warranty.

8-Again, Massive use of indecent words and insulting customers about our work, what we do, and how we tried to bargain to get hidden charges out of bill made us leave the dealership very well disappointed and hurt.

----I'm not saying all the workers are bad, but try to avoid these guys especially LIE-NANCE people. In fact try to avoid Nissan Of Garden City at all cost.
Comments:6 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-09-05
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-03:
I hope you didn't buy the car from them.
Posted by showme87 on 2010-09-04:
Yeah,I had to buy the car because, Out of the 3 dealership I went to, they had the best deal. But only after we started signing the papers we were aware of all the hidden fees and charges. We talked them out of the 1000 dollar bank fee, which nobody heard of, but they came after us with other charges to make additional profit. BUT NEVER AGAIN WITH THOSE PEOPLE...I was desperate this time....
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-04:
I wouldn't care if they had the best deal or not, but if I have questions and they start to argue with me for asking questions, I'd get up and walk out. Garden City if full of car dealerships, as well as the rest of Long Island, these people would never have received my business, from the things you posted. Desperation is not a reason to allow yourself to be treated the way you described. But you bought the car, so end of story.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-04:
Yeah theres absolutely no way I would have bought a car from them, regardless of how good the deal is. If you cant simply be courteous and respectful to your customers, then theres no way those people should get any business from anyone.
Posted by SUNNY375 on 2010-09-04:
I have made a purchase from Nissan Of Garden City and know of many people that referr others to them and we all have been happy so far. not everyone is going to be happy but so farso good for a bunch of us.. does anyone know that they are the Biggest Nissan Dealership in the country... We get the best deals from them and sometimes maybe they move a little too fast and some small amount of us get lost in the shuffle.
Posted by showme87 on 2010-09-05:
I was told that, they put up all the banners; #1 this and #1 that, during the big sales to lure in customers.Im sure people who think they got a good deal really paid extra for the car. We were there for a long time trying to figure out how our 21 thousand $ car became a 25 thousand $ car. When we reviewed the bill, we found so many charges we were not told about. What still gets on my nerves is that lie-nance manager telling us that if we dont take the warranty {$1995}, APR will be 6.65%. Seriously, do they not think before they say these things. The only thing that determines your APR is your FICO credit scores.

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