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Review by love4huny on 2010-09-04
Zephyrpaintball.com is one of the worst paintball online stores I've had to deal with in a long time.

I ordered a 3 items 2nd day air, and when I received the package, I got someone else's order. I called them multiple times, only to be greeted with rude, unprofessional, and reps who where uninformed of there own procedures.

I was promised multiple times "you will be called back" but with no avail.

If you have to deal with this company, choose another online retailer, and save yourself the headache. Below is an email going back and forth after over a week of waiting, and broken promises by Zephyrpaintball.

************* Emails with Bad Customer Service Reps *******************
From: ***.com
To: [snip]
Subject: Order #137405
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 07:56:10 -0700

Bob and Diana,

Before you read this email completely, can you review my recorded phone conversations I had with your customer service reps, this way you will have a full understanding of why I am sending you this email.

I'm not sure how you track your recorded phone conversations, but here are the approximate times and phone number I called from.
Monday Aug. 30th (Don't remember exact time 10am-130am) from # *** *** *****
Tuesday Aug. 31st (Don't remember exact time 4am-430am) from # *** *** *****
Thursday Sept. 2nd (Don't remember exact time 415am-530am) from # *** *** *****

Please see the timeline below, of our current situation.

Monday Aug. 30th
- Called and talked with your customer service representative (didn't get name) about how I ordered 3 items 2nd day air, but received 2 blue grips in the box, and not the items I ordered. The Customer service representative advised me she needed the skus of the items, I advised I didn't have them since I was at work, and I will call them when I get home with the skus requested. When I got home you were already closed, so I will call the next day.

Tuesday Aug. 31st
- I call and talked to a customer service representative (Yuli not sure if I have that right) and explained my situation, gave her the skus as requested. I advised Yuli that I also sent the package back to your location during my lunch time around 11am with a note on my invoice that stated "I received these grips, instead of the items I purchased". Yuli did advise me I needed an RMA number, however this was not stated to me before I sent the package back. I advised Yuli that I needed these items asap, before Friday, since Friday I am leaving for Chicago. Yuli said, and I quote "no problem we can get the items to you before then" (Yuli stated this many times as you will here on the recorded call). She then advised me she had to go talk to a supervisor and she would call me right back, so I gave her my cell phone 253 302 0279. I didn't hear anything back that day....

Wednesday Sept. 1st
- Didn't hear anything back from your reps

Thursday Sept. 2nd
- Since I didn't hear anything back from your reps I decided to call in, and see what is going on. I talk to the supervisor amorrisson. One of the rudest people I've talked to on the phone from a company in a long time. At first she was very combative, and then made some very outlandish statements (You will see when you listen to the recording) about my order. She told me there is nothing the company can do about it, and they have to wait for the incorrect items to get back to you, before they can even do anything. If someone would have told me this, I would have sent the package back express, or even ordered the items again so I can get them before I leave for Chicago. I asked amorrisson if I could talk to her manager, or if should could review the phone recordings to see that indeed I was promises I would get a call back and the items would get to me by Friday. Amorrison then made some very rude remarks, some of which I won't state in this email, but you will clearly hear, and be disappointed in hearing on the phone conversation. I asked amorrisson if I could talk to her supervisor, she passed me over to Clay, which had no idea what was going on, and was not as rude as amorrisson, but close.

I have to say for a company that welcomes feedback, and strives to grow as a company (as stated on your website) the customer service I've received is horrible. No one I talked to could help me out in anyways, none I talked to could give me a solid answer and take responsibility for your company's mistake, and no one there could help me. The way I see this is, if your customer service reps would tell me false information, make rude and outlandish remarks to me, how many other customers have they done this to? I would recommend any of the reps I've had to deal with review your companies policy and procedures, as well as take a customer service course that your or any other company offers. I deal directly with over 13 paintball fields in Washington State, and would hate to have to spread the word about this to everyone. Please be diligent in your response to this email.

So here we are Friday Sept 3rd. I still don't have any items I ordered, and I don't have a refund so I can go buy these items locally.

My question to you and your reps has always been, how are you going to fix your mistake?
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-05:
They were told you deal with 13 paintball fields and you could spread the word about their poor service. They didn't care. So, as an addition to this review, spread the word!
Posted by love4huny on 2010-09-07:
Yes for sure. It turns out they have TONS of other customers who they've done this same thing to. I posted a few links on a popular site called pbnation, and people were coming out of the woodwork saying "they ripped me off to" etc.

I did more checking and noticed on a few other compaint sites, tons of people had to deal with there crappy service.

All i care about is, that no other customers have to go through what i did.
Posted by fd on 2012-06-02:
Terrible customer service!!! They are cheaters and liars!! They wont refund my money after I returned the item in perfect condition.

They sent an email saying money was refunded, but nothing. I sent them repeated emails to fix this but I kept getting the runaround. They even promise hassle free returns...yeah right, bunch of lairs they are. Don't buy from them.

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