Orbitel Communications Maricopa Complaint - Over Priced, Horrible Service, Rude Customer Service

Review by Daivarie on 2010-09-05
MARICOPA, ARIZONA -- This company is hideous in every imaginable way and I cannot believe they’re still in business in today's economy. They should change their name to “Horbitel Rude Communication.” as it would at the very least be an honest name change. The cable service is absolutely horrible and had been since the day we moved in and their Internet is every bit as bad. I'm sure the only reason they are still in business is due to the fact that they have contracts with the HOA's and people are forced to pay them through their quarterly dues. I have lived here in Maricopa for 8 years now and one of those 8 years I had Orbitel cable. In that year I had an Orbitel tech out to my house several times due to snowy picture or dual images on screen. Every time the guy came out, he'd test my wires and determine that the problem was not in my home, rather it was between my house and the “hub/trunk” as he put it. Each time he left, he promised someone would follow up with me to get it fixed. The last time he showed up, he explained that he couldn’t figure out what the problem was and that he would have and engineer come out to further investigate, That NEVER happened. I never got a call, email or visit from anyone. I called the office and got a rude woman who really could've have cared less so I cancelled my cable and went with satellite. Best decision I ever made. When I cancelled my cable with them, they told me that the satellite would be far worse, more expensive and that I should give them another chance to resolve the problem. They hadn't been able or willing to solve the problem in 2 years, why would I wait any longer. Truth be known, satellite is cheaper, more reliable and far superior customer service over Orbitel. In 7 years I have only lost the picture once with my satellite during a storm and it came back within minutes. Price wise I've saved about $383.00 each year over Orbitels prices. Now as if their cable wasn’t bad enough, I've had a similar experience with Orbitels Internet in both lack of service and horrible customer service. About a year ago they came out with what they call a “20 Mbps” service. The 9 Mbps Internet I had with them was so unbelievable slow that I figured I'd upgrade to get faster service. What a total waste of money and time. I should've learned from my cable experience with them not to believe anything they say or do. Now here's where it begins to sound a bit repetitive. I upgraded, if you can call it that, to their 20Mbps service and would do occasional speed test which would come in just under 8Mbps. Once again I called and a tech was dispatched to my house and had determined that the problem is somewhere between my house and the hub. Hmmm that sounds so familiar. After several visits, the tech promised that their "Engineer" would come out and find out what the problem was and get it fixed. HERE WE Go again. A tech and this “Engineer” came out and now it seems that the problem is not with them at all, rather it’s with all three of my computers. Yet another excuse, how common of them. A month later I called to inquire why I was still having the same issue with slow Internet and lo and behold another rude employee greeted me. Rude seems to be the running theme with this company and I’m guessing it’s in their “Mission” statement. When I again voiced my complaint and explained the answer I received from the last person, the young lady replied that the person I spoke to the first time was a supervisor and that she "doesn't make mistakes."... Wow, I was unaware that Orbitel hires demigods as supervisors. I have now cancelled my Internet with them as well and have gone with Qwest Internet. Now what surprised me is that Qwest 7Mbps service is faster than Orbitel’s 20Mbps service. The reason I found is that with Qwest you get a dedicated line as opposed to sharing a cable line with everyone in the neighborhood. When I did a final speed test of Orbitels service on their site as well as Speakeasy.net and Speedtest.net, of all three sites the fastest test showed 5.76 Mbps download and 2.18 Mbps upload on what is suppose to be 20Mbps service. Remember that the problem they said was with my computers, however now that I have new Internet service with another company, all three computers are working just fine. Another of Orbitel’s running themes is to come up with ever reason why it’s not their service but it’s everything else. I kept the printouts of the speed test I did when I had their service and plan to give them to the HOA to use in court in the suit filed against them. My advice is to STAY AWAY from this company. They will be sweet to you to get your business but become overtly RUDE when you have a problem. I have recently discovered from a friend that Johnson Ranch HOA in Queen Creek got rid of their cable company due to poor service and I plan on attending the next HOA meeting with hopes of achieving the same results. I think it's incredibly unfair and borderline illegal that we are forced to pay for a service through our HOA which this company refuses to provide adequately. Orbitel’s service or lack thereof is a result of them having a monopoly in Maricopa and I’m going to make every attempt to get that changed. Until then, go with Satellite for TV (much better picture) and Qwest for Internet (much faster service) and avoid this horrible company and their extremely high prices at all cost. If you are a current customer of Orbitel’s and would like to know more about the suit, contact Rancho Eldorado’s HOA - Rossmar & Graham @ 480-551-4300 or write them at 9362 East Raintree Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-06:
You gave them a chance, they gave you a hassle, you switched and suddenly they want you to come back? No reason for you to do that since you solved the problem. Thanks for the review!
Posted by Andy on 2013-06-11:
I've got Orbitel now. Your issue was likely with your modem or router. I had the 12Mbps connection initially and was getting full speeds. Bumped it to 20Mbps after a two minute phone call, and within a minute after the call my speed tests were reporting almost the full 20mbps from my laptop across my house from the wireless router.

Really seems like the above person just had a shitty experience and Orbitel showed no reason why their service was poor, and it was likely not down to Orbitel, but some part of the customer's equipment.
Posted by huffington past on 2013-07-12:
Orbitel is horrible just like all the other monoply like services out here. I agree that there probably was some issue with that lady's CPE's, but there is no doubt that Orbitel shares the blame. I hope to be able to move out of here and back into civilization where businesses care about there customers. I am force to auto pay and after nearly 3 years of perfect payments my credit card was compromised and I forgot to update it. On the same day it is due, instead of a courtesy call or on screen notification, my service is interrupted and no one is in the office to do anything about it for two days.

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