City Transfer, Inc. Complaint - Dangerous Hauling Practices

Review by DarcyR on 2010-09-07
SUMNER -- I just got hit by a blow-out of a City Transfer, Inc. semi-truck tire on I-5 on my way to work this A.M. It almost knocked my Chevy S-10 over. The City Transfer driver swerved to gain control after his blow-out, left a huge skidmark, and faked like he was going to pull over, but then took off when I got out of my S-10 and started walking up to him!!! I found him pulled over just north of there on 599 looking at his blow-out. He saw me approach (female 5'8" 130lbs) and got in his cab and took off again!!!

Their "Safety Director" is a Kirkland, WA company named "The Integrated Group, Inc." that appears to really consist of just one lone employee who specializes in skirting safety and responsibility, by stating it's not one of their trucks even though he has it in writing from me that both tractor registration USDOT00011991 and tractor plate B26077C checks out at City Transfer Inc. according to both the WA Patrol and US DOT!!

When I call City Transfer Inc's main Sumner office to talk to let their Owner to let him know that their "Security guy" seems to be questionable, the owners' Executive Assistant says "Of COURSE they're not going to pull over after an accident or incident, they're intructed NEVER to pull over, they're told to keep on going!" When I pressed for further explanation, she elaborated that it's "For their own protection in case a confrontation may occur!"

Okay, well a motorcyclist could have died from the blow-out, and anyone in a vehicle could have died if the tire had gone through the windshield, but as long as City Transfer's truck drivers are safe from possibly getting kicked in the shin or slapped by a woman, or the "Goldberg" safety guy isn't out any bucks, that's all we should care about right?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-07:
I can understand you being upset at the driver taking off and the company denying responsibility but you seem more angry at the blowout. This is no-one's fault. Not the driver or the company. Blowouts happen and yes, they are dangerous but to place blame for that on the driver or company, imo, is wrong.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-07:
I am a truck driver, and I have had a blow-out. It can surely scare ANYONE. When those tires go, they go. They sound like bombs. Those huge truck tires are filled to 100PSI or MORE. It happens. When a tire blows, the truck is known to weave back and fourth and can be hard to maintain control. Did it damage your truck? If not, just let it go.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-07:
What did you mean by the guy kicked in the shin or slapped? You were going to assault the guy for having a blown tire and chanced being thrown in jail? Can we say ignorance?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-09-07:
Question, is City Transfer a repo company? That would explain the not pulling over. Did you call the police? But it seems you have a legitimate claim, but may not be following "procedures" that would resolve the complaint.
Posted by Johanna on 2010-09-07:
give this over to your insurance company and let them deal with it. If you filed a police report that's about all you can do.

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