Defective compaq presario S6020WM Complaint - Compaq Nightmare - presario S6020WM

Review by its nemo on 2005-02-20
CALIFORNIA -- March 20th 2004 i purchsed a compaq presario from walmart.
The pc has nothing but problems from day 1.
I contacted compaq/hp about every issue that the pc had back then.
The unit would shut off by itself,the floppy controller has never worked,the cpu fan locked up and over heated the unit,no alarm went off, the cd rom exploded with a restore cd in it and the motherboard was shorting out against the inside of the case and that shorted out the memory.
Compaq knew all about these issues with my pc and were dragging there butts about it.
So to get the thing back up and running i went out and got a new cd burner/256 mb of new ram/a new cpu fan and put a plastic shim between the motherboard and the inside back wall of the case.
When I called them about this they said take it to one of our service centers in your town and they would fix the problem.
Well cool it was going to be fixed after 3 months of calling them and waiting on hold for hours.
The told me to take it to Radio Shack of all places.
Well i did what they asked and took it in there and set it on the counter.
If any of you have ever been in a radio shack you will know how i felt.
These people were rude and they put a tag on the pc and gave me the other half of it and the guy picked it off the counter like it had a disease and dropped it from about 10 inches from the ground on the floor.
Then the old fart told me that it would not be repaired there that they would send it out to compaq.
I got so upset I left it there and called compaq as soon as i got home and told them about this.
Compaq rep told me to go pick it up and they would ship me a box to put it in.
Well it was around 5 pm so i could not go back and get it till morning.
Well 3 days later i called them when i got the box and had to ask them something, Do I leave the New CD ROM in the pc with the new memory that i went out and got or do i remove it?
She told me to remove it because i might not get those parts back,Then she asked where the old defective parts were and i told her i threw them out because they kept putting me on hold and i never got anyware with them about them replaceing the parts,and she said ok,just ship the unit to us and we will replace the motherboar and any other parts that are defective.
Well i shipped it and waited over a weak and called them on the phone.
When u call those places u get a recording and i know u all have heard it.for english press 1 for spanish press 2.
Well i pressed 1 and got a arabic person that i could not understand and he could not understand me and then the line went dead.
I must have called back 7 times and kept getting an arabic person so i gave up for a few min and cooled down.
Well then i remembered the guy next door speaks spanish and had him come over and call and go talk to a spanish operator.
Omg an arabic guy that tried to speak spanish got on the line.
My buddy looked at me with his eyes wide open and said Is compaq support in saudi arabia??
Well i almoast fell from my chair.
I called back the next day and was put on hold for 37 min and finally someone who spoke english picked up the phone.
I told her what was going on and that i was really upset so she asked for my phone number and case number,she came back and told me that they have it there and they would not repair the pc because the memory and cd rom was missing,Geeze I said thats the things that u people told me to take out and she replyed Im sorry but someone told u wrong,so at that i said fine ship it back and i will use it for a door stop.
Well i got it back 5 days later with a shatterd front cover so i just e mailed the CEO of compaq and told him what has happend and got this e mail from him.
Dear Dan,

Thank you for taking the time to send HP your comments. We apologize
the difficulties you are experiencing. Your comments have been
to the appropriate people within Hewlett-Packard for their information
and / or action. Should more clarification or information be needed,
may be contacted directly. Your input is important to us and very much


HP Executive Communications This is a message to HP's Interim CEO, Bob Wayman.
Now it is allmoast 11 months later and got a reply from them,They are going to send a service tech out to my house and replace the motherboard and any other problems it has.
If this thing gets fixed it will be sold.

Last night I went out and got a brand new Dell
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Posted by its nemo on 2005-02-20:
All I can say is WOW.
Good luck. Tim
Posted by dt66 on 2006-02-06:
i just a compaq i hope my luck is better

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