Southwest Diagnostic Imaging Complaint - Billing system - Imaging services

Review by R. on 2010-09-10
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- My husband for the past year has had various X-rays and MRI through this company. Problem with this company is that it sends out repeated billing even when the bill has been paid. They send a bill say for last month for $4.64, I pay that online but than I get another bill for the same amount next month when I call and tell them I paid it they say oh that was applied to the total bill for several months ago which I was not aware of until recently. Now here is the clincher since it was not considered paid you are now 30 days behind payments. This has been an on-going issue with this company. On top of that any current bill you may have you cannot pay now because it is applied to past billing service which means you cannot use your flex account for the current year of service so your account is further behind. Which for us is from July to June. So until I pay off past billings anything that is current won't be paid. I use my online banking system to pay bills and what is bad is that you cannot specify date of service I am paying for so it goes to the total amount. I gave given thought to just writing checks out so that I can list date of service just so I have proof of what I paid. What they do with it is their business but they cannot tell me it was not paid when now I have proof in writing it was. It is easy to say just pay it off but with everyone having financial problems these days you would think a company would be willing to work with you to reduce what you owe. To me this company is just another one that does not care about their clients only the mighty buck or how it affects their clients credit standing. Many of us do not ask to get sick or suffer accidents, etc. so we are at the mercy of the medical industry when it does happen.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-10:
If making payments by check solve the problem, then by all means, pay by check.
Posted by R. on 2010-09-11:
I could be but than that is only our thinking.

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