Keiser Permanente in Moreno Valley, CA Complaint - 05/25/10 Experience at E.R.

Review by V.M. on 2010-09-10
MORENO VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- On 05/25/10 my father was taken to the Keiser ER due to unexplainable low blood preasure. During his stay I found out my father suffered a miner heart attack it took a long time for them to transfer him to the ISU. During that time one of the nurses kept on hitting on my younger sister. My dad started complaining of a stomach ache and he needed to use the bathroom it took a while before they assist my father. I thought since my dad is suffering from low blood preasure he should not stand up. Well finally when they came to assist my father I advice the nurses not to pick him up, what was one of the nurses respond w/ a not so nice comment. The nurses went ahead an stand my father up. He had not touch the floor when he went into like a siezure which he fell in a sitting position which the bed had no breaks and the nurses were having a hard time picking him up when they finally pick him up, the nurses were so panicky that they even forgot to connect him back and left. My father started sweating and the pain got worst we requested for his sugar to be tested which my sister and me were ignored by the same nurses. My dad continued stating his stomach was hurting when they finally took him to the ISU he went into a cardioc arrest and past away 05/26/10. The cardiology had no explanation to give us as of what happen. That keiser is the worst keiser ever.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-10:
I really feel for you. There's nothing worse than when a loved one dies and you feel it was preventable. I know because it happened to me over ten years ago and I still think about it and wonder what I could have done differently.

You were looking out for your Dad and trying to get staff to pay attention, but they didn't listen to you. Sometimes there's nothing else you can do. Patients really are at the mercy of hospital staff. At least you were there and did your best. I feel sorry for patients who are alone with no one to monitor what goes on.

I'm so sorry that your Dad passed away. He knows that you were with him and tried to get him proper care. That means a lot.

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