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Review by salt on 2005-02-20
Oh my God...I have been so wrong. I am so ashamed of myself.

Ed Magedeson I want to take this opportunity to formally apologize to you for misrepresenting your company and slandering your good name all over the internet. I have been acting like a fool and I am so, so sorry for my actions and for any harm that my actions may have caused you.

Since I have begun my online rampage to blindly discredit you I have been informed by the mass amount of hate mail that I receive at this Yahoo account sharkie_bites_U@yahoo.com that www.ripoffreport.com performs a great service to so many people who have been wronged by companies and unfair employers all over this country.

Your good work is serving so many people and communities to get the word out so
that other people won't fall into these unscrupulous companies traps and be able to add them to their collections of ripp off victims.

Ed I bow to you, hat in hand. Please Sir, please accept my humble apologies for the many wrongs that I have done to you.

Bless you Sir and the good work that you are doing.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-02-21:
From site terms of service "You agree not to impersonate any other person or entity, whether actual or fictitious, including impersonating an employee or consultant of My3cents.com." Since "salt" is the handle folowing Sharkie around, I'd say this is a blatant violation of impersonation and you should be removed. Our Bizboy walks the line on this, but he just impersonates pretend people. You are using the handle of a real complaintant and changing his story. Bye-bye.
Posted by salt on 2005-02-22:
Just for the record...I have received serious entertainment from calling this sharkie person out to be the crazy person that he is. Sharkie takes the bait every time and yes I do think he's Miller. I could be wrong but I really don't think so.

Regarding Ed Magedeson...I don't know him and I never will. I don't want to know him either after reading some new information that I found from a source that I respect he seems to be like any other make a fast buck at other peoples expense creep just like Steve Miller!

Two peas in a pod. Two little children who can't play nice together, two bad guys trying to make the other look worse...booring!

You need to know sharkie that I have never taken you seriously, not ever. I've been bustin on ya! You are obviously a little nuts and as I said this has been great fun.

Neither Steve Miller, (sharkie) or Ed Magedeson are worth anyones time or energy. Think about it people, what do either of them contribute to society? Do they help people at all, other than themselves of course. It looks to me like once upon a time they both had a good idea for a business and because of greed, insanity and a total lack of respect for others they all fell down....crashing down. Now they are both in trouble and they both continue to pick at each other trying to make the trouble worse until one day it will all come to a serious head and will then have to be dealt with. That's what happens when you take your battles to judges, the point of no return is passed. Why would anyone really want to go there with garbage like this, especially if you already have the courts attention in other areas for being dishonest? CRAZY!!!

OK...that's all folks.


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