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Justmilitaryloans.com Complaint - Do Not Use This Company!!

Review by jayson17 on 2010-09-13
Warning! This company will not give you your loan!

The initial paperwork is easy enough...I filled out the application online and in just a few hours...even during the company's after hours..the application was accepted...I was emailed the documents and was told to fill them out and fax them back..I imputed my command numbers and references..the problem starts here: They will call the numbers on your application..but they will use another company called VERIFAX who will put the people whom they call on hold for 10 minutes before actually answering the phone...and if the person who you put down doesn't answer the phone at the number you put down then they will not except that...no cell numbers, no DSN numbers..If your command is similar to mine where we are not sitting at a desk 24hours a day then so we use cell phones to communicate then its almost impossible to get a hold of them. I explained this to the company after getting a message from them 5 minutes before they closed...I tried to call back and nobody answered so I left a message...nobody called me back..so I left a email through the website...got a response saying they cannot except cell numbers. When you fax the paperwork in, they require you to start a allotment through MYPAY. I have gone through other company's that require you to do that and its never a problem...until now. Its been a week now and I am the one making the phone calls, emails and its very hard to get a hold of someone to talk to through this company...

I finally just told them never mind and I cancel my loan...I just stopped my allotment and was told that I will get a refund if it goes through. If I don't get my money then I will be going to the JAG! I just want to warning anybody who tries to use this company...I saw this other complaints on this company after I started my application and was hoping that is wasn't true...BELIEVE ME, This company should be put out of business! DO NOT USE..try Pioneer or Omni or NFCU if you really need a loan.
Comments:5 Replies - Latest reply on 2010-10-19
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-09-13:

Even the name of the website would have tipped me off that it's not legit!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-13:
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-09-13:
Clue #2: "4. Loans are not available to residents of the State of GA or West VA or individuals stationed in the State of GA or West VA." - There must be something shady these states won't allow.

Clue #3: "General Financial Inc." - Likely a predatory lender hiding behind the name JustMilitaryLoan.com.
Posted by jayson17 on 2010-09-13:
Yes, I had a brief moment of dumbness when I filled the application out..I ended up going through my credit union. I just wanted to warn anybody else out there who have those brief moments of dumbness like I did.
Posted by darlingnikki81 on 2010-10-19:
I went through the same exact ordeal. They needed to contact my chain of command, but they only did it during certain (unreasonable) hours so they were never able to make contact with anyone. As soon as I caught on to their scam I canceled the loan but unfortunately they had already received my first payment. I emailed them about a refund and they emailed back stating no problem and I should expect my refund in a few business days. Did not happen. So I emailed them again and the same lady responded and swore up and down she never made contact with me. So I forwarded her the email she initially sent me to refresh her short memory. She replied with the same stagnant answer..that I would receive a refund in a few business days....except this time it would be minus an ACH fee...something I should not have been made responsible for paying since the reason for the refund was due to their negligance. Days passed and still no refund. It wasn't until I filed a complaint with BBB that they finally decided to issue a refund.

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