Arlington Heights Nissan Complaint - I Read A Complaint About This Car Dealership

Review by alexi on 2010-09-14
I received an offer from Arlington Heights Nissan through mail. I thought it would be a good idea to check them out because I was considering to purchase a new 2010 Rogue.

However, I read a complaint about this car dealership. I don't think anyone would do such type of non-sense complaints unless it was true. Therefore, I decided not to go there or do any business with this dealership.

I can't imagine, an owner who doesn't acknowledge his customers complaints. Mr. owner step-up and do something otherwise I'll be losing potential customers like me. This is a computer age and any person will check first your dealership ethical way of doing business before deciding to do any business.

I am not sure whether the person who complaint about your way of handling his complaints posted it to twitter and facebook. If he did, it is just like adding fuel to stop the fire. Other competitor would use this complaints to still some of your existing and potential customers.

To this end, I would suggest that you hire someone who can be your eye and your ear to inform you what is going on out there online.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2010-09-14:
There isn't a business in the world that can satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time. One complaint on the internet isn't something they can do anything about nor is it necessarily an accurate depiction of their business practices day in and out. Of course, they may be a terrible company, but I would think a pattern of complaints and a bad BBB rating would be more of an indicator of such.
Want more proof? You just wrote a complaint about a company on the web that you have never done business, or even sound like you've had even meaningful contact with. No offense, but reading this wouldn't sway me at all. In fairness, what experience with this company do you personally have to justify telling me not to buy from them?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-14:
I'd wager to say there's not a single car dealership that doesn't have some sort of complaint lobbied against them in some form or fashion - it's the nature of the beast, or is it human nature, well it's surely not Mother Nature, but then, you don't want to fool around with Her.
Posted by momsey on 2010-09-14:
So you're complaining about a business solely based on a complaint you read? Who on earth voted this helpful???
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-14:
Off topic, but why do all the reviews have the option to recommend on Facebook now, too?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-14:
I'm no "internet expert" but I believe FACEBOOK is the #1 social media website going and it's only going to get bigger. Hitching your wagon to a rising star is nothing new.
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-14:
Facebook is worldwide phenomenon! If ya dont know, now you know! Holla...
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-14:
True, true...but I'm wondering if you click on recommend, does that post the review on FB somewhere? Try it, MRM, and get back to us.
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-14:
I dont do social networking, including Facebook.
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-14:
I like to keep my computer prestine, clean like Old Fart's colon!
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-09-14:
It's hit or miss with complaints (or lack there of) too. We chose one Honda dealership over another for a minor repair to my car because one dealership had bad reviews. I needed a seal replaced because some punk stole it off my car at work. I pressed charges, so I figured I'd get it fixed at a dealership on his dime. Well, even though this dealership had better reviews, they did a terrible job! The seal came undone within a month. My hometown mechanic yelled at me, lol. I should have just taken it to him, he does better work anyway.

I have a facebook, but I don't use it nearly as much as some of my so called "friends" on the site.

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