Power Windows Complaint - Power Window or "Power" Window?

Review by Window draft on 2010-09-14
In October 2009 we were paid a sales call from Power Windows regarding our interest in replacing our slider window on our living room floor. The window was right next to the desk where we do a majority of our work at home. The window was drafty, leaking air throughout the winter, and generally cold.

The sales representative explained to us that their window would eliminate that problem. He showed us a light and heat demonstration, extolling the quality of their window, and how it would take away the draft and stop the cold. We told him we would not move our desk, but needed the window to not leak air through. He said it would solve the problem and we would not feel air leaking through.

We were willing to part with nearly $1600 for one window, based on the above.

In November 2009 the new window was installed.

We were quite unhappy with the result. Same drafty feeling, same air coming through. This is not just some colder temperature by the glass, which is to be expected. Rather this is a stream of air that comes in through the frame, in various places around the window. This is not coming from the wall; this is from the window.

We contacted customer service numerous times. Four service visits later the problem remains. They put extra caulk, extra materials by the weep holes, extra insulation on the bottom of the frame by the sliders – to no avail.

The only reason we had this expensive window installed was to stop the cold air from coming in, to stop the draft we felt when working at the desk near the window. Their window has failed to live up to the promise that was given to us. We feal cheated. Just like last winter with our previous window, we still have a draft cushion on the windowsill in the winter and wear a scarf when sitting at the desk. There is no way we would have spent any money on that window if we would have known this would be the result.

We continued trying to resolve this with Power Windows. After two registered letters, eight phone calls and months of waiting, they finally returned our call. They said “The window was installed properly. But there is always a certain amount of air that will leak through. It is to be expected.”

We believe that it is possible that there will always be some air circulating, etc. BUT -

THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WERE TOLD WHEN THE WINDOW WAS SOLD TO US. This was not disclosed to us. Had we known that we would NOT have signed the contract and bought the window.

We requested our old window and our money back from Power Windows. They flatly refused. They suggested we hang a curtain or move the desk instead! This is not just ridiculous but insulting.
We strongly believe the money should be refunded to us because we were told that the new window will stop the draft. It didn't.
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Posted by saj80 on 2010-09-14:
It is possibly poor insulation in the wall around the window. My parents had this very issue a few years ago, and the replacement window did not stop the drafts. Only after tearing into the wall did they discover poor insulation, which was allowing cold air to circulate around the window, making it feel as if the draft was coming through the window. Proper insulation cured the problem, but it was messy as the interior wall (plaster & lath) had to be removed to reinsulate.

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