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Review by Slimjim on 2010-09-16
SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY -- First let me say that I have been going to seaside all my life. I wanted to stay here at the Hershey because it was a throwback for me to the late 60s and early 70’s when my mom would take us for a few days during the week from Philly while Dad worked. If you know Seaside Heights, it still retains a lot of that quaint small resort feel, despite MTV’s exposure. Unlike Wildwood, there isn’t the same push of condos everywhere and the family owned motel is still in vogue.

Having said that and understanding that any accommodations in town will not rival the Four Season, then one should be very satisfied with a stay here. The staff is very friendly, the family atmosphere was great, and for an old place, it was well maintained overall.

Pricing was reasonable and breakfast was included daily. The walk to the beach and boardwalk is short, which you can customize to take you past the “Jersey Shore” house to see what’s up at a given time. Saw a few of the TV show’s characters as the filming wrapped up, but the extra curricular buzz around them is very avoidable should one want to plan a trip to town while these er..um.. “talents” are still around.

The rooms aren’t particularly decorated well, there are no phones in them, and the sheets they call queen size are no doubt twins.

Get past that, and you probably will like everything else. A bar, restaurant, game room pool, sandbox, and weekend outdoor BBQ are all there.

In closing, if you are planning a trip to the NJ coast, go to Seaside and stay here. Make reservations though because it books up daily.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
The outdoor BBQ and bar piqued my interest assuming that the bar serves GREY GOOSE VODKA and doesn't allow 'Rays' fans ?!
Safety first you know?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
Nice review, thanks for the info, Slimjim!
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-09-16:
The bar sure does allow Yankee and Mets fans though kisha. I didn't see a Phillie game on any set they had. The trend seems to have evolved that New Yorkers go to Seaside and Philadelphians now migrate more south to Cape May and Wildwood on their weekend getaways.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-09-16:
What fun to return to to a place you recall from your childhood. I think the furnishings probably being the same would bring back many fond memories from years ago. I expect if you needed a telephone one would be provided immediately. Ingoing or Outgoing calls, it wouldn't matter. Someone will knock on your door if there is a call for you at the lobby. Gee, can someone not go a minute or two without a telephone at his elbow?
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-09-16:
I guess they figured everyone has cell phones nohandle so why bother now. I found it interesting though they offered room service.
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-09-16:
Agreed Slim, but some of those family owned places from years ago still offer services not found at other places. If your car isn't working or in the shop, they will loan you theirs. Need a lift somewhere? They will drive you there if you would prefer. I'm serious folks. I'd rather stay in one of those places than any accomodations available out there. As long as the room is clean, I don't care. If I need something, it will be delivered to my room. And I've stayed at some of the finest and most expensive places out there.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-16:
My parents always took the family to Wildwood Crest for vacation, but that was many years ago when most of the establishments were family or privately owned. I haven't been back since I was a teen and can't imagine what it's like now. I've been to a lot of beaches in my life, but Wildwood Crest stands out in my mind as one of the most beautiful.

Some of my best memories come from the Jersey shore, including Seaside, Point Pleasant, Atlantic City, Cape May, etc. Those were the days. Thanks for this review. It brought back a lot of nice thoughts.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-09-16:
Right Venice. It seems if you frequented these places, they never leave you. Outside of Atlantic City, all these places are nice. Point Pleasant is like Seaside light to me.
I'm seriously thinking of buying property in Seaside for a summer retreat and maybe rental income.
Posted by Alain on 2010-09-16:
Slimjim, a very nice review! It's nice to know there are still places like this around!
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-16:
Slim, thank you for the informative review!
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-09-16:
And thank you all for appreciating it.
Posted by D. on 2010-09-16:
Sounds nice...Do you think I should go there and teach them some inside BBQ?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
Slim, any Spackling Conventions going on during your stay?
Did the restaurant serve Keel?
Posted by Alain on 2010-09-16:
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
It is part of a boat but some people call the back of a chicken Keel.
It's a long story.
Posted by Alain on 2010-09-16:
If it's chicken, it sounds good to me! The 'keel' part makes sense now. Thanks! That reminds me, it's dinner time!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
Sounds like a good time and also very relaxing. Just what a vacation should be. Thanks for the post, Slim!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
The sandbox sounds interesting.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-09-16:
Thanks for the info.

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