Antioch Toyota Complaint - Dealership Nightmare

Review by DealerNightmare on 2010-09-16
ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA -- There are so many problems I don't even know were to begin. Upon looking back at the dealings with Antioch Toyota I am bewildered. First they tried to sell us a lemon in September 2008. They agreed to sell us a 96 Ford Taurus on the back of there lot. We paid $2000 down and agreed to pay $1000 the next week and another $1000 the following week. They said if we came in the day of post date of each $1000 check and made the $1000 payment they would give us back the check. But when we went in to make the payment they said they had already put the check through So we had to go to the bank and put the funds in so the check would clear. After trying to fix this car myself and discovering it had a recall, we brought it back to the dealer a month later. Apparently this car had a recall on it that the dealership overlooked, ignored or tried to cover up before giving the vehicle to us. I remember them saying the vehicle would not be ready for a couple of days and when we picked it up I noticed that they had washed most of the rust from under the hood around the reservoir. The repair for this was to install a hose bypass kit, but if it wasn’t done early enough and to much rust accumulated then the engine, radiator and heater core would have to be replaced. They took it back and sold us another car. We came in with good credit and $4000 cash down (Money paid for first car) and they sold us a used car worth about $6000(Historical price value Edmonds,03 Hyundia Accent 48,000 miles, September 08)for about $11,5000(14000-2500 service contract) witch was not in mint condition. We had mentioned to the sales people when we bought these cars that we use them for delivery vehicles and go through a lot of cars. You mite think we would be a good customer to have. We were at the end of our rope and stressed out in returning the first car. I don't know why we taken advantage of so severally and treated so poorly, as well as being lied to. I remember waiting to sign the sales contract for the second vehicle and a man came storming out and stopped to tell us not to buy a vehicle hear, I should have listened. Making you wait at the dealership is just a tactic used by the dealer so when they finally bring you in you are just ready to sign and leave. This bring up a question of the reasons they give you why it is taking so long. Does it really take this long to do the paperwork. I feel I was lied to before I had finally got in to the finance office to sign the sales contract. After returning this car and buying the 03 Hyundai Accent. We got a call from the finance manager who said that we had to come back in and sign a new sales contract because he had not done the first one right. Which we did a couple of days later. The following week we called the finance manager back to cancel the service contract because of the amount of miles we put on the cars we buy we would be wasting our money and he said we would have to come in and sign a cancellation contract which we did a couple of days later. After signing the cancellation contract they said we would have to wait a few months and watch the balance on our statement from Toyota go down. I feel this is just another tactic used by this dealership to keep you from getting your money back. At other dealerships in the past I have simply made a phone call and had a cancellation done. Also a few months after buying the car we were getting calls from Toyota that we were two payments behind. I was worried this would affect my good credit. We had never even gotten a bill yet how could we be behind. We had explained to the finance manager when we signed the sales contract that we lived in a town that only receives mail through PO Box numbers. We gave him the PO Box number when we signed the contract. Also after buying this car we were getting delinquent registration from the DMV. Come to find out we had been driving the car with the temporary registration in the window from the dealer but the registration wasn’t paid through the DMV so if we got pulled over a cop could have towed our vehicle. We were getting no paperwork from the dealer. To this day we are still getting the run around through almost everybody we talk to about the service contract refund, and all the interest paid for having it not refunded. I find this dealership to be sloppy(Paperwork), intimidating(Sales Tactics, having you wait to sign the contract so when they finally bring you in to sign all you want to do is sign and leave), dishonest(Sales People, 96 Ford Taurus), difficult(Dealership Employees, Phone Calls) and hassling to deal with.

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