Blockbuster corparation Informative - American rip off!!! - no more late fees

Review by Greedy Corporations in USA on 2005-02-24
It is nice to know the state of N.J is going after blockbuster yet just another way these large greedy Corparation try to scew the American consumers.

Be honest be up front no more late fees leave it at that, not try to screw them, If you blockbuster charge the public the retail price you should be horse whipped, they are rentals used over n over not sold as new.

blockbuster and all Corparations stop ripping off the American Consumers.
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Posted by chris75056_1 on 2005-02-24:
This whole issue has really been grating on my nerves. Blockbuster has eliminated late fees and has extended to each and every renter an additional SEVEN DAYS to return movies or video games or whatever with no extra charge. This is seven days past the actual due date so that means you have more than a week in some cases to return whatever it is you rented. After the extra seven days, they charge you the full price for the merchandise since you obviously can't be trusted to fulfill your side of the contractual agreement that YOU signed. They're simply making an effort to recoup for (and yes, this is exactly what it is) STOLEN MERCHANDISE. You didn't buy it...YOU RENTED IT. It isn't yours. Stop being such unreasonable, lazy whining babies and return what you rented when you're supposed to and there won't be a problem. Why is this so hard to grasp?
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2005-02-24:
I'd also like to add that since Blockbuster began this new 'No late Fee' program, they've been getting complaints from other customers who can't find the movies they want because no one is in a hurry to bring any of them back! Apparently, the lazy shall inherit the earth. I hope Jersey LOSES. Big time. But I know in my gut, they'll probably win. (And no, I don't work for BB nor do I have any stock in the business. This just makes me furious.)
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2005-02-24:
I agree with Chris. They have a right to charge if you can't return it within a week. If they didn't charge, no one would return the DVDs. It would be like purchasing them at $5 a piece. Not going to happen.
Posted by rmsk on 2005-02-25:
Just return the stupid movie in a reasonable amount of time...problem solved. It makes me sick that the already over-burdened courts are going to be filled up even more with nuisance lawsuits like this one. If they rule in favor of these people, then that will only prove that our legal system is a joke.
Posted by rippedoffbybigbusinesses on 2005-02-25:
This comment is toward Chris75056:

before being so quick to praise Blockbuster and tell the world they have a "RIGHT" to charge for "STOLEN" merchandise.......please give us former Blockbuster customers the inside information as to how you go about clearing your name when you DO RETURN a rental ON TIME (at the same store where is was rented), the clerk REFUSES to give you a receipt showing you did indeed return the item on time, then you receive a letter stating your account has been charged the FULL PRICE of the item??????? This happened to a friend of mine (do a search for Blockbuster on here and my complaint is still there.......UNRESOLVED I MIGHT ADD!!!) Care to answer that one Chris???
Posted by rippedoffbybigbusinesses on 2005-02-25:
This is foe rmsk:

You quoted: "Just return the stupid movie in a reasonable amount of time..." Is the customer not entitled to a receipt which gives them proof they returned the item? Just try this at BBV and see what happens...........
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2005-02-25:
To rippedoffbybigbusinesses: I read your previous complaint. I agree with you that if a customer requests a receipt as proof that the movie/game was returned, it should be supplied. No arguement. But I'm not sure why you came out of the blue attacking me with THAT when it has nothing to do with the original complaint? I'm no advocate of Blockbuster. I don't rent from them at all, though I do purchase used DVDs from them quite often. But when they had late fees, people b*tched. Now that the policy has changed (and seems amazingly fair in my eyes), people are STILL b*tching. And about what?! Are there THAT many people who keep rented movies out for more than a week beyond the due date? And if there are...WHY?! Perhaps the gripe is that Blockbuster didn't disclose the entire policy behind the No Late Fees promotion in their ads? Well, ever since the new program, every BB I've been to has had a stack of booklets on the counter spelling out the entire thing. Customers have a responsibility (eeks...scary word...what could it mean?!) to find out the small print. Did anybody really think that 'No more late fees' meant "Oh, go ahead and keep it as long as you like! Return it when you feel like it! No problem! Heck, keep it indefintely if that floats your boat!" Please.
rippedoffbybigbusinesses, you seem to have a legit complaint, but it's got nothing to do with this one.
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-02-25:
Because I don't rent movies (they're cheaper to buy)I'm not too sure how BBV works this thing, but a friend of mine brought over a movie she thought I'd like to watch. It was due (only a 3 day rental) the following day. I didn't get to watch it and since I didn't rent it I forgot to return it until a day later. I got charged only $2.99. No big deal. But then if it wasn't a 7 day thing like I'm reading, why did I pay anything? Just wondering. Also, it's a small town so would maybe different rules apply?
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2005-02-25:
Apparently, it's one of those "At Participating Locations" things. Since BB is franchised, they don't all have to follow the 'No Late Fee' road. And, yes, people are complaining about that as well.
Posted by QContinuum178 on 2005-02-25:
How about the consumer deciding to stop costing the company money by keeping their rentals longer than they agreed to. When you apply for a Blockbuster membership, you agree to the terms. If a month is too long to return someone else's property, you should probably rent somewhere else.

I don't feel a bit sorry for those charged the full price of the rental. They have a full month before they are charged that price. When is Blockbuster supposed to expect their product back? Next century, maybe?
Posted by rippedoffbybigbusinesses on 2005-02-26:
Chris quotes:

"But when they had late fees, people b*tched. Now that the policy has changed (and seems amazingly fair in my eyes), people are STILL b*tching. And about what?!"

They (BBV) are not very reliable and connot be trusted to actually check movies in on time, thus making the late fees actually MORE than before...instead of $4.00 (or whatever) it's now the entire price of the item. Lets face it, BBV DOES NOT have the best reputation for doing it's job (such as hiring people who will actually make sure customers' returned items are checked in properly)

No personal attack intended.

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