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Review by truth904 on 2010-09-20
American Consumers (Let’s start a Revolution):

To all American Consumers, let us take some time to address these corporate giants that we are not going to tolerate any more obligations to their ridiculous terms, and binding agreements they attempt to trick us to. I do not give a damn! Whether it’s for cellular, cable, internet or satellite service. We as consumers do not want to be obligated, yet restricted to your crummy services for a two year time period of that length. These corporate giants are swift to punish you for switching to a better service or promotional price. This is not fair to the consumer. Penalizing us for shopping for the best market price. Nevertheless, we can’t switch, for we’re stuck into a restricted two year agreement for their lame services. In fair business practices this is not ethical. I am referring directly to you, DirectTV, Dish Network, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Comcast etc. Ultimately, any other company who thrives on illusive tricks on the hard working consumer.

At first, they offer you good delusion deals (is what I like to call them), to suck you into the agreement. They give you a nice trial package for up to three months, to a year to bait you into their service. However, my fellow Americans, don’t be fooled by these deception offers. Their promotion deals last for only a few months before the deal expires. Afterward, they increase your monthly bill to a hefty portion. Consequently, you realize that their deal offer wasn’t that much of a great offer. Then, to add insult to injury, you are stuck with their featureless services for two years of aggravation as well as regret for choosing them as your primary service.

My debate to them would be, why don't these corporate idiots insist on making the offer sweet from the start to the finish? Don't give me a partial three month deal and then raise my monthly rates, then shove me into a two year restrictive plan to dupe me. That is a form of fantasy teasing or mental manipulation. Basically, like receiving a lap dance at a nude bar, all you getting for your money is a hard boner in your pants, along with no sexual satisfaction! I don't know about you, but that is not a great transaction deal for my dollars, literally speaking.

This is the reason why they have microscopic terms and agreements printed at the very bottom or back of their promotional ad. Microscopic print will fool the average person, but not me, thank GOD for being nearsighted! To all you corporate bullies who are practicing these horrible acts of business, we are hip to your game. I am taking a stand against you corporate goliath bullies, who prey your consumers! Moreover, to all corporations who want to trick us consumers into becoming married to these idiotic terms and agreements. We are not going to stand for these absurd gimmicks and deceptive schemes any longer. Your trickery plans soon will come to a screeching halt. Therefore, to all of my American Consumers who feel the same way I do, take some time out to spread this message to see how this petition could influence them to amend their outrageous policies. If you have time outside from your busy schedule to address these corporate bullies, petition them, challenge them, debate or cancel your services with them, if they are not willing to allow you to voice your grievance! Let these corporate bullies know that we own the power to refute them. Without our dollars as consumers they crumble. So make them respect us as paying consumers. Remember, this is our Popular Sovereignty Era, the People rule and they don’t!
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-21:
While I agree with quite a bit of what you have to say, for the time being a more practical approach might be to use the website to file complaints about individual events and, as you have done, alert fellow consumers whenever possible. Thanks for the review!

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