NextMedia Group Complaint - Never Advertise With Next Media Group!!

Review by EducatedBusinessProfessional on 2010-09-21
SAGINAW, MI -- I would never consider working with Next Media Group, ever. Just finished a meeting at their yearly Marketing "Workshop" (I would NOT call it a workshop!), which was horrible. The speaker was redundant, repetitive and lacked emotion. The topics that he discussed were basic marketing concepts that anyone can learn by researching online in 2 minutes and he also gave INCORRECT information. He focused on Radio Advertising, which is a DYING form of advertising! If he is promoting advertising and marketing, maybe he should focus on the real stuff that matters and not try to sell a product for Next Media (A horrible product at that!) !! Traditional advertising is dying, it will be non existent in years to come! Also, every person was assigned a representative from Next Media, what a joke!! The people I spoke were uneducated on Marketing and Advertising, but they work for a company that sells advertising! My representative from NextMedia was taking notes and at the end of the meeting, repeated what the speaker said! She just learned that information 2 minutes prior to saying it, yet she was trying to reinforce it to me After speaking to her, I told her I could invest in other, more profitable forms of advertising/marketing and she just couldn't get it through her stupid head. What a horrible, uneducated Saleswoman she was!! The entire group was like that.

This company is filled with a bunch of uneducated people. The stupid, trying to teach the stupid. GREAT. "Hey, we have no clue how to promote your business, and neither do we! But hey, let us try to sell you this advertising package for $2300 a month." HOW ABOUT YOU HIRE SOMEONE FOR $30,000 A YEAR TO MANAGE YOUR MARKETING!! IT WOULD BE MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE THAN GIVING IT TO THEM. What a JOKE of a company and better yet, what a JOKE of a presentation!! What they failed to mention is that WORD OF MOUTH is the #1 leading form of advertising out there. By giving crap presentation and false information, you bet I will spread the word of mouth on this company!! DO NOT ADVERTISE ON THE RADIO WITH THEM! DO NOT USE OUTSIDE ADVERTISING WITH THEM! DO NOT USE THEM AS A COMPANY. Use other up to date forms of advertising like TELEVISION or ONLINE MARKETING! If you use radio, your competitors are probably already ahead of you ! And the industry too! Stupid company, trying to teach other stupid companies. WHAT A JOKE! So, horrible!

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