Revive Health And Weightloss Complaint - Revive Clinic Don't Care

Review by kitty fay on 2010-09-21
ALEXANDRA HILLS -- When I supposedly won a "free" consultation with Revive, from the moment I walked in they put on a song and dance to get you to sign up, now a point I should have realized they are money grabbing liars is when they told me even though I was already a member of the gym and didn't want the personal trainer the price remains the same even if I don't use those things, but they make out that it is $45 a week re-payments for a 5 week program so I thought that wasn't bad so I thought I would give it ago, but when I inquire abouth the contract AFTER I signed it about to walk out thinking it was a mistake on her part that it said 10 week re-payments I was informed its actually $90 a week but made more afordable by splitting the payments (So they lied as far as I'm concerned about that cause she made no effort to point that out)should have cancelled there and then but didn't'wasn't until day 4 after thinking about it harder and I had changed my mind, I told the lady and she said that there is no change of mind policy and wouldn't be able to talk to her manager until Tuesday week about it because thats when she would be back at work, (now I understand that because I had done the session with the nutrisionist and had a payment taken out I was in the contract but since I wasn't made awaire that it could be a locked contract I thought I was able to change my mind) Now my friend also won a "free" consultaion with them and went in on Monday to see them same thing happened to her, they perform a song and dance about how good it is, and for a 10 week program was just $46 a week she also asked about a cooling off period( I hadn't told her at this stage what was happening to me) she was told she had a week to change her 'mind?', so they'll say anything to get you to sign up, now wasn't until she called me excited about the "good deal" she got that I told her about the real re-payments, she rang them immediately and was told it was her fault for not understanding that and even though she had signed that day and unlike me she hadn't seen the nutrisionist or had a payment taken out yet was told she couldn't get out even though they also had told her she had a week cooling off period, it took her all day telling them she be seriously complaining to consumer affairs, she finally got it cancelled. The next day Tuesday I went to the office where I made an appointment at 10.45 was then told she wasn't in till 11.30 so I waited and when she came in she said she hadn't talked to her manager and would call me later (so she made no effort to simply send an email to her manager or call them for 5 minutes to get this sorted out) she didn't call Tuesday, she did how ever call my friend 3 times saying she had spoken to the manager and could do her a deal of $41 a week for a 5 week program, even though she made it clear she wasn't interested and told her that they had lied to her on several different occasions that she knew of. Now Wednesday day 9 and still haven't had any contact with the lady, I have rung with no response, so I can only warn others, think about it and read the fine print, ask important questions befor signing, I am now stuck in a contract for something I don't want and they don't seem to care. Be warned

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