Ganim Law Firm Complaint - Don't Use this firm - Estate and Probate

Review by Shelley1 on 2010-09-22
BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT -- IF you are looking to finalize and reconcile your loved one's affairs after death, don't depend on this firm. They are not client friendly. They charge 5% and do very little for it. As a matter of fact, that is being kind. They are inept and incompetent. They will start by giving you a bad attitude, will not return phone calls and emails. They refuse to be held accountable by giving either evasive answers or no answer at all. Even when they agree to take some action on your behalf, they don't do as they agree to. It's all about lining their pockets.
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Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-22:
DO you have a signed contract with them? Perhaps you could take them to small claims, outline exactly how they did not fulfill the contract and get your money back.

I'm sorry you had such a bad experince during your time of loss.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-09-22:
Shelley, Please accept our sincere condolences for your loss. I have dealt with a smarmy lawyer during a bad divorce, one where he made me feel he was also working on my ex-wife's side. Raven gave you some great advice, take your contract with Ganim to Small Claims Court, and document what they did or didn't do for you. In addition, you can file a complaint with your state's State Bar Association, but it has always been my feeling trying to get a bunch of lawyers to come down on a fellow lawyer in favor of a client was a lost cause. Honestly, best wishes.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-09-22:
+10 Star & Raven
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-23:
Ya know, the more I think about this, the more annoyed I get. I do not understand why people prey on others during times of emotional stress. Lawyers should know better and this kind of crap gives all of them a bad name.
Posted by shelley's friend on 2010-12-22:
Shelly, I know you. You did not hire the Ganim Law Firm, your mother did. The problem is you took your mother's money and spent it inappropriately and you got caught. When you were called to task for taking and using money that did not belong to you, you became enraged at the Ganim Law Firm. The Ganim Law Firm was hired to protect the assets of the estate and distribute them equally to all the children not disportionately to you and who you decided to dole out money too. Shelley tell the truth!!!
Posted by Alain on 2010-12-22:
It would appear there's another side to this story!

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