Regal Car Wash Complaint - Stolen CDs at Regal Car Wash, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Review by oldbuckhorn on 2010-09-23
BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY -- I had my car detailed at Regal Car Wash on Scottsville Road in Bowling Green, Kentucky and when I got home 20 minutes later and inspected their work closely I realized my case of CDs that I kept in the passenger door pocket was missing. I called them and they denied that this had occurred and were quite unfriendly about it. They are part of a franchise chain and I called the home office who told me that they could do nothing for me and suggested I could file a claim on my homeowner's insurance. I lost about $300 dollars worth of CDs, and I have a deductible of $500 and no receipts for each single CD, so I'm out about $300. I retired from New York to Kentucky last year and thought I had left all the dishonest smarmy people behind, but I guess unethical people live here as well. An offer of some reimbursement and a sincere apology would have sufficed instead of a unfriendly denial of what had occurred.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2010-09-23:
This is always a tough position for a company. Obviously they would want to take a defensive position as who would accept guilt without proof. Problem is, one of their employees probably stole it or left the car unattended enough for a loiterer scoping it to grab them.
So hereon, either they never get another complaint about such a thing again and dismiss this figuring you lost them elsewhere, or they do have a similar incident with another customer and realize they have a problem. I doubt this is a current ongoing problem, especially perpetrated by the owners themselves. It's business suicide. While telling you to check your homeowners insurance for CD's stolen in your car off property isn't the brightest response, they still can't be dumb enough to expect to rip off client's cars on a regular basis and not pay the piper.
Getting the word out regarding you lost I think is important, proper and about all you can do aside form possibly calling the police on this.
Posted by momsey on 2010-09-23:
Did you file a police report? That should have been your first step. At least there's a record of it.

But, as slimjim says, what's the company going to do? Unless they have knowledge that one of their employees stole your CDs, are they going to just hand you $300 because you say someone there stole a CD case with CDs in it worth $300? It's a crappy situation, but a good lesson. Don't leave ANY valuables in your car when other people have access to it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-23:
Knew a guy who worked for Brown Bear carwash, he claims most employees would pilfer anything from change, jewelry, guns, cd's, you name it. Now you know to clean out your car before having it washed and detailed. Same scenario goes for valets too. Not much you can do legally, but you can always find out which employees detailed your car and meet them after work.

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