Infiniti of Kirkland Complaint - Extremely poor service and no respect for what customer wants

Review by amansk on 2010-09-23
I went in on a Sunday evening to check out the 2010 G37 sedan. They did not have what I was looking for and almost forced me get one with more options (like Nav etc). I agreed to it and started negotiating with the price. They came down to a good price but with a condition that I give them a good rating when Infiniti asks me to fill a survey. Fair enough... The salesman pretty much forced me to sign the deal even though I was apprehensive. I did end up signing it - completely my fault for slipping. I little later I realized that this is not what I wanted and wanted to cancel it.. I called them early Monday morning to ask for cancellation of the lease contract since it wasn't processed as yet (had this info confirmed from Infiniti financial services as well). They refused and said that I HAD to buy this car or take something else from them otherwise they won't cancel the contract. I agreed to consider a pre-owned car. They took advantage of the situation and quoted me prices 10-15% higher than KBB retail value. For example: a 2008 Honda Civic for 21000 when you can get a new 2011 model for the same price.

These guys don't care about the customer experience. Its more about selling that particular car and the moment you sign the deal, they don't care much...

I would NEVER go back to these guys..

On the other hand, I called up the BMW dealership and asked them if they could help figure this out and they actually spent 30 minutes explaining me the legalities etc even though I had done no business with them and showed no intention of doing any unless this got sorted out. Other dealerships (Honda, Toyota etc) were happy to help as well and told me how they handle such situations and what my rights were etc...
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2010-09-23:
I don't know what you mean when you say the salesman "pretty much forced me to sign the deal". Sorry this was your fault for signing for a car you didn't really want. Before you signed you were free to walk out at any time. Car salesmen can be pushy but they can not force you to sign anything. I would suggest next time you go to a car dealer you take someone with you and do not make any quick decisions. When I go to buy a car, I usually look one day and sleep on it to make sure I really want the car before I buy it and am stuck with it. Don't fall for the line "this deal is only good for today". If they want to sell the car, the same deal will be good the next day. If you're not sure about the car, it does not matter how good the deal is and apparently, what you got was not even a good deal.
Posted by werelucky on 2010-09-24:
Salespeople can't force you to agree to anything. The bottom line is that you signed the papers. When buying a car and you don't like what they are saying, walk out the door.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-24:
I don't think the OP is blaming just the salesman, they most certainly took ownership themselves when they said "completely my fault for slipping." Easy to sit here and say walk, but in the moment that it's happening it isn't easy for everyone to get up and walk. And I do think the salesman's name is relevant here..it's a warning to others should they do business with this place.

The best advice I give people is to do what I did when I bought my Jetta...I did all my homework ahead of time, I knew how much I could afford, I knew what price I was willing to settle on, etc..and I stated it up front to my salesman and let him know I didn't need a new car, I wanted a new car so if they couldn't meet what I offered, I would wait or go somewhere else. People that are not well prepared are easy prey for salesmen, that's the nature of the business.
Posted by amansk on 2010-09-26:
I agree that it was my fault that I signed the lease without being 100% sure. I'm not blaming the dealer for that at all. However, the dealer could have easily unwound the deal at no cost to him the next day. My point here is that this particular dealer did not care about what the customer wanted and you should keep that in mind if you plan to do any sort of business with him.

The salesman's name is there so you know who was involved from the dealer's side and be careful if you go there.

I would recommend going to the Tacoma dealership since they are much more flexible and care more about the customer. I've had multiple conversations with them and would anyday buy from them if I'm in the market for an Infiniti.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-26:
The dealer would lose their commission on the sale.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-09-26:
I think I agree with most of the other comments here in that a customer is never FORCED into signing for a deal.
Posted by Pepper on 2010-09-26:
"The salesman's name is there so you know who was involved from the dealer's side and be careful if you go there. "

you're not suppose to list the salesman's full name - the site rules prohibit listing someone else's personal information.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-26:
just cause, great advice. I did that with my last purchase and came out with a great deal. In todays world, it is much easier to be prepared than in the past. I have gotten up and walked before when I didn't like the direction the sale was going in. They immediately changed their tune.

Amansk, we've all had bad car buying experiences at one time or another, for a variety of reasons. Hope your next one is much better :) Thanks for warning people about this dealership and their tactics.

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