Celebrity Teeth Whitening Informative - Celebrity Teeth order tactics

Review by mad pat on 2010-09-24
Ok. this is true, it happened to me. I was 64 at the time and I wanted to whiten my teeth. Saw the Celebrity Teeth and thought "free trial" great. they gave me a choice of membership or trial only. I normally am very careful but to me Trial only means Trial only. I know that you have a certain amount of time to cancel. Usually it is 30 days. I didn't see anything mentioning 14 days. And I didn't even get the product until the 14 day. imagine my surprise to see $149.00 removed from my bank account at midnight. I searched for phone number and couldn't find any. so I called the number on the sight to order. That's when I found out about the 14 trial. I cancelled the membership right then a there because it also included a $12.-- s&h charge ever month for the ink pen sized product. I called my bank and left a message (at 1:30 in the morning) to call me because the money they took out would cause on over draft. I told them what happened and that they were giving me a bunch flack about that my order had gone through they would talk to the supervisor and see what could be done. he gave me a phone number. The bank was very helpful and didn't charge me a overdraft and let me have time to get to the bank to put some money in to cover it. I called the ph# he had given to me and supposedly got a supervisor. he said he was sorry for the but he would refund the money and that it would be in the bank in 3 to 5 days. I was so relieved. but it didn't happen. I cried and owned up to my husband what had happened to me and so he call the number. no number in service. so I did a lot of research and came up with 3 numbers and got through. Oh, so sorry it does show that the return is in progress but that it would take about 10 to 15 days more. So I called the bank because they had asked me to call them if they had said a specified time that is goes through. well I gave them the time to do their thing and then called them back. I told them that it still had not been taken out. They then blamed the bank for the problem. I called the bank and they did a check on any thing that had come through and not made it or what ever they do and called me back and said there had not even been an attempt to reimburse me. I called the company back and asked for the person I had talked to before and (of course) he didn't work there anymore. I shows that it went to the bank then with another check (by a supervisor) they found that it would take another 10 to 15 days or so. I called my husband and gave the 5 numbers that I had and he tried calling them. He got irate. oh, it would surly go through in this time frame. well, to say the least since I am still irate, it never came through. I emailed all my friends and warned them. And I said I would go on YouTube with my story but I though it would be a waste of time. but I am still considering it. but I thought this would give it a shot through you first and then maybe go on from here. the more people I tell then more they will feel the heat and be more honest (HA HA). Let's hope. Thanks for listening it has been almost a year and I ain't done yet.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-09-24:
There are not such things as free trial offers. As soon as they ask for your credit card or banking information, the free trial becomes null and void. If it were truly free, they would never ask for your financial information.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-09-25:
A 50 cent bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a good "whitening" fluoride toothpaste would have done the same job whitening your teeth than those expensive ripoff products. Hopefully you'll get your money back on this ripoff. Don't fall for these expensive products advertised on TV or the internet. Often they're "too good to be true", and once these companies have your bank account or credit card information, you're often screwed, since the prices are so high, the "free trial" window is short, and cancelling is a migraine headache. This applies to any of these offers, whether it's teeth whitening products, weight loss pills, colon cleanse products, or whatever. Often there's locally available products that do the same thing as these heavily promoted TV/internet offers, but for much less money, and no concerns about your bank account being overdrawn or your credit card charged.

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