Crimestopper Complaint - Total Ripoff! Fell apart and they laughed & rude

Review by whatcookies on 2005-02-25
SIMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Bought a $200 car alarm from a 'Factory Authorized Dealer' (who happens to live right in the same city - Simi Valley, CA - as Crimestopper and has the same name as one of their employees) anyway, there was basically no intstructions and upon requesting some was told it would cost extra for them. Finally got it insatlled and within a week the LED Light on the dashboard and valet switch stopped working. I called the 'Dealer' and was informed it was a factory warranty and I'd have to contact Crimestopper. After several phone messages and emails I finally received a reply from a 'Tech Support' person stating that if I sent them my address they would send me a replacement part. 2 weeks after that I still had not received the parts!!

I started calling and emailing again and finally the same guy emailed me back and informed me that I would have to call the 'Returns Department' and get an RA# (Return Authorization). I call that number and left several messages which were never returned.

By this time the siren had stopped functioning on the alarm as well. I started emailing and calling every contact I could find related to them and finally a smug immature con name Larry Peterson who claims to be the 'Technical Support Director' emailed me with the attitude: "What's your problem?"

I explained the whole story and he responded that he did not know of the dealer I spoke and therefore couldnt help me. I informed him that the 'dealer's address is right there in the same city and the person posing as a delaer had exactly the same name as one of his 'Techs'

The replay from this Larry Peterson fellow was perhaps the most ignorant display of childish Assinine Stupidity that I think Ive ever encountered. Basically, I was told that I should have purchased it from a legitimate dealer and not from just the first person I ran accross, then I was told that they were the manufacturers only and did not do any support or warranty functions and basically that I was whinning and yada yada yada...

I replied asking why he was so hostile and ride as well is why the 'tech' was telling me he'd send parts and to call to get an RA# if they did not do those things? Also, why do they have Tech Support and Returns Department if did not provide those services. Also, I wanted to know exactly what they manufactured because the alarm I received had little 'made in Taiwan' stickers all over every piece, even the box it came in.

Well, I guess this Larry Peterson kid saw another window of opportunity to act like a fool and responded as one would expect from someone with that mentality.

I guess Mr. Peterson thought the whole thing was one big joke and got quite a laugh out of it. I wonder how funny hes going to think it is when FBI, FTC and Attorney General's Offices contact him regarding the fraud claims I am filing...

Do your selves a favor folks... Buy anything else but don't let these cons swindle you out of your money.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-02-26:
I'm sure the tech support person will appreciate you posting his full name on the internet & then insulting him like that. You do know you can be sued for that, right?
Posted by tpebop on 2005-03-20:
no you can't be sued unless it tis totaly false all th9is litigeous paranoia is a crock you can say anything about any one as long as it is the truth , but have documents to verify as it would be one persons word against the others
Posted by Alliebabah on 2007-03-15:
The only Crime is that someone has not Stopped these folks from giving customers the runaround. I think, no, I know for a fact that there are not enough support staff to take their time with each consumer. I am not saying that is right, but we all know what happens when companies try to overwork and underpay their employees. You get employees who try to just laugh it off, even if it is at the customers expense. I don't think Larry was trying to be mean to the caller, but is probably just down right exhausted. I guess we would be too if we commuted to the same job for nearly 20 years, just trying to make ends meet. And to Larry: Take it easy, you know that the customer is always right. Right?

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