Sheppard Motors Complaint - Poor Hyundai Service

Review by Kindergarden Cop on 2010-09-25
EUGENE, OREGON -- 1/29/10 My wife dropped off our 2005 Hyundai Tucson at Sheppard Hyundai to have its last warranty service check done. She was told to bring the car back for work on a faulty switch because the dashboard had to be removed.

2/2/10 My wife dropped the car off at Sheppard motors and got a rental car from Enterprise. The Hyundai was to be ready on 2/4/10.

2/4/10 My wife dropped off the rental at Enterprise and got a ride to Springfield where she was volunteering at the high school Districts swim meet.

The car was not ready, so we needed to get a second rental car from Springfield Enterprise.

2/11/10 The expense of a rental car was getting high, and our car was supposed to be ready the following week, so we dropped the rental car off in Springfield. Cost of rental was $216.89.

2/11-2/17 We are told the problem with our car can’t be solved, and the technicians are working on the problem.

2/18/10 I called and spoke to the parts manager about our frustration with the long repair delay, and the need for our four-driver household to have more than two cars. He graciously said they would pay for a rental that we could pick up in Roseburg, and also very graciously said the last rental charge of $216.89 would be reimbursed by the dealership as well. We picked up the rental in Roseburg.

2/19/10 And so began a very long period of time involving three Hyundai engineers and multiple parts replacements. Communication to us was poor, so we called for updates, usually on a weekly basis.

3/24/10 I called Butler Hyundai in Medford to ask about length of repairs and general questions about Hyundai service. I was given Rick’s phone number XXXXXX. Rick assured me things were difficult with our car, but it was being worked on.

3/31/10 12:27 PM. Rick said another engineer was coming down from Seattle and to give him 48 hours.

4/2/10 1:53 PM (50 hours later) I called Rick and asked what the status was. He was surprised I hadn’t been called and told the car was fixed and would be ready the next day for pickup. Rick said the dealership would call.

4/2/10 3:48 PM. Steve calls to tell me car would be ready. My wife would be driving from Portland to Roseburg with our daughter on Saturday the 3rd. We arrange for the car to be left outside the service department for them to pick it up after hours. Steve said the paperwork would be in the seat for her to sign and then put in the key slot of the service door.

4/2/10 6:45 PM. Steve calls to confirm arrangement.

4/3/10 8:00 PM. My wife calls from Sheppard Motors. She can’t find the car in the lot. She ends up coming home with no car.

4/4/10 We drive to Eugene on Easter Sunday to look. We find the car in one of the service bays, locked behind garage doors. I call Rick to leave a message of huge disappointment. What a fitting end to the long service experience, replete with poor communication from the dealership.

4/5/10. Apologies abound. We arrange to drive up on the 6th to get the car. Rick asks for my email address because, he said, this would not be the last time I would hear from him on this issue, … it needed to be made right.

4/6/10 I brought the receipt for the $216.89 rental charge that was to be reimbursed. Steve opted not to write a check at the time, but to have it processed and sent later. I foolishly agree.

6/14/10 Still no check for the rental charge, and no email from Rick. Am I surprised? Not really.

6/15 I called Rick, and was told to call Steve. I called Steve and asked about the rental reimbursement. I was told all the money was paid to Enterprise, and Enterprise was supposed to reimburse our credit card for the $216.89. Steve said his accountant was out of the office, but would be in on Thursday.

I checked our credit card records and found no reimbursement from Enterprise.

6/23/10 What a surprise, Steve didn’t call with the information, nor did his accountant call. I called Steve again at 541-520-8781 and left a message for him to call me.

It is now 6/25/10, and I have heard nothing.

Frankly, I am appalled at how poorly your dealership handled this. Nothing about this experience was proactive from your business’ end. Every step of the way required effort on our part to get information about what was going on. This entire experience has been one of constant promises and let downs.

To say this service experience left a bad taste in our mouths is an understatement.

To add insult to injury, the automatic door lock on the driver door hasn’t worked since the car was dismantled and reassembled at your dealership.

This vehicle repair, however, makes a great story. When we tell it, we leave out the time line, … because that really is the punch line. After recounting the events and lack of communication, the natural question from every listener is, “How long did this take?” When the final line to the story is, “Nine weeks to get the car back. Going on 11 weeks for the reimbursement check,” complete shock is usually the response.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-09-25:
I'm surprised they did not give you a loaner car to use, while waiting all those days for your car back. What does Enterprise say? Why would the money have gone to them, and not you? Sounds like they pulled a fast one on you.

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