Cheaptickets/orbitz Complaint - The Disgusting "Clinton Hotel"

Review by beyond totally disgusted on 2010-09-27
This is a story of a horrible vacation plannng site, CHEAPTICKETS. COM and the hotel from Hell"Clinton" they placed us in!!! This story takes place over a period of 4 days and 3 nights! We paid over 1,800.00 for this vacation!!

Friends and I booked a complete vacation package through The staff advised us to book with the Clinton Hotel in South Beach, Florida. Citing it was a great place to stay, centrallay located, and close to the beach.
We were given mis-information. We visited the website, which made the hotel look amazing. They even put supposed hot gossip about the "Kardashians"and other famous visitors on the website! They led us to believe that it was a modern hotel that was very classy and clean!When we arrived, all we saw was a broken down dimly lit hotel whose time had certainly passed!Let me begin about how much these people are false advertizing! They advised us that we could have adjoining rooms, they lied! Upon being let into our first room, there was an unmistakable smell of mildew and musty carpeting, and our front door lock did not completely lock. We then asked to be changed to a different room. There were 5 of us in our party and we did not wish to be on separate floors. We were advised that if we changed rooms that our party would have to be separated, because the hotel did not have 2 new rooms on the same floor. When we arrived at the second room, The sink did not work properly and drained very slowly and the carpet had stains! We could barely open the windows because they were off the track and the shade was broken, which remained half opened at all times leaving us vulnerable to sunlight early in the morning!!!! The other scary thing that then happened, was that our other friend's room had a broken toilet that came apart when sat on! They had to then switch rooms also. The second room they were placed in had a leaky toilet. Finally their 3rd room was acceptable, which surprisingly enough was directly across from our new room, even though earlier we were alerted by the hotel that they did not have 2 rooms for us on the same floor!!!! They lied about so many things!! During every unfortunate issue we encountered, we alerted the concierge. At one point we were advised that the hotel was out of bathing towels and washcloths. everyday we were told different reasons as to why the hotel didn't have towels and washcloths. They never even bothered with trying to fix the slow draining sink, or the shade!One day they gave us giant hand towels to use as washscloths!! All along we kept trying to get help from We called and talked to customer service for at least 2 hours at a time. We advised them of all the issues we were having and that we wanted to leave the "Clinton". WE also advised them that they were the ones who told us to come here!! They advised us that they would gladly refund our money within 5 business days, but that for now we would have to find and pay for a new hotel for our entire stay out of pocket!!!! We asked Cheaptickets if they had indeed been to the "Clinton" and they informed us that they hadn't!! We explained to them that we did not have a lot of money to pay for new accommodations. They said that they could not transfer our already totally paid sum of monies to a new hotel!! They said that they would speak to the manager of the hotel, which no one(ironically) in the hotel could reach during the whole episode!!! The next morning my party got up very early and waited downstairs for the manager to arrive! We were very upset when we spoke to him. He advised us that he had not heard about any of our matters and that he would have to charge us for the overnight stay, but that he would give us a discount for our trouble. We asked what he was prepared to do for us, and he then advised us that he would find out what he could discount for us, because he wants us to be happy. We were trying to enjoy what was left of our quickly fleeting vacation, so we agreed to give him a few hours while we went to the beach. Upon our return from the beach, we went to the front desk to see what discount the manager had given us. We were then advised that he took off 7 dollars for 3 days, which brought that to a total of 21.00!!! we were livid!! We called and got more run around!!!! I advised that they would receive a scathing review!! I DIDN'T LIE!!!!
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Posted by msnanny on 2010-09-28:
I think it's called Cheaptickets for a reason. Isn't it?
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2010-09-28:
The Clinton Hotel? This place doesn't have anything to do with former President Bill "The Great Stainmaker" Clinton, does it?
Posted by Alain on 2010-09-28:
This is why I like to avoid third party contractors.
Posted by custrelgal on 2010-09-28:

This is Tabbitha from CheapTickets Customer Relations. I saw your comments, and would like to see how I may assist you.

Please email us at and put my name in the subject line. Please include your CheapTickets Record Locator or the email address you used to book your reservations. Once I receive your email, I will review your account, and will get back to you.


CheapTickets Customer Relations

Posted by momsey on 2010-09-28:
Did you expect to book the Ritz through This really should be a complaint against the Clinton, since you even said you looked at their website and it looked great. probably can only go on so much information, and it's naive to think that they visit every hotel they offer deals on.

It's a bad situation, but another reason to book direct. If you booked the hotel yourself, you would have been able to hightail it out of the hotel as soon as you saw the conditions and tried to find something more acceptable.

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