Deed Exchange Complaint - Deed Exchange Ripoff

Review by cretive on 2010-09-29
CALIFORNIA -- Richard DeMar Litchfield
this Man is a ripoff, deed exchange that deals is real estate homes for sale.
This man claims almost every thing in real estate business that he is the founder of buying homes with no money down, No he is not. I took this man into my home for a year, He was being evicted because he could not pay is rent. We did a business on eBay to sell Exclusive territory rights from each state. This Man issued me 500.000 shares of stocks. Which was to be 3 million shares of stocks from deed Exchange 10 % of what he issued him self.
After we sold the business, he moved out and made me believe that the business was not doing any good, When I found out that there was 130.000.00 dollars mad, He claimed that the money was from something els. Deed exchange is a business that needs one thousand people to purchase one home he claims that Deed Exchange will make 1-billion dollars a year. I taped recorded all our sections and contract. If deed exchange ever sell, I will be paid 10% gross earnings. So far there has been no payments. He wrote on a website that he canceled the stocks of none payment, How does some one who gets 10% of a company need to pay for stocks of 10% from 10% of what ever the owner makes. the agreement was I get 10% of everything. this man was kicked off of eBay for selling fake copy of sun glasses. This man is 70 years old. this man has sold exclusive Territorial rights on eBay between the year 2005 to 2007. he sold these rights between 15,000.00and 20,000.00 dollars, and robbed them also in the same business. If any one is doing business with man and got ripped, and you needd a case you can contact me.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-09-30:
The only way you will be able to unravel this is to talk to an attorney.
Posted by getoverit on 2010-09-30:
Am I understanding you to say the you entered into a business partnership with someone who couldn't pay his rent?
Posted by cretive on 2010-10-01:
Yes. He could not get any business going alone, So i helped him and before we became partners We starting selling a home business of buying and selling homes on ebay. Which was good, but than when we sold the business, He moved out and took it with him. He led me on for about 4 months. Than the business folded. He robbed them too.
Posted by cretive on 2010-10-01:
Here is his links on the links to deed exchange:
1. Bearer Deed (DeedExchange) Twitter stats
2. Occupancy - Home - Deed Exchange, inc.
3. Bearer Deed (DeedExchange) on Twitter
4. Bearer Deed Real Estate Markets | Homes for Sale | Bearer Deed

If you really look at these sites you will notice that this is an monopoly business. Because people who purchase into the business needs to purchase more than 100 or or more homes to make a profit. He like to be called DL. DelMar is his Middle Name.

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