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Review by Beatles on 2010-09-29
LUFKIN, TEXAS -- I bought my car from this dealership under good faith. Didn't want much, basic model with the 3.5 engine. I figured the mid size engine would still perform and get good gas mileage. I signed all my paperwork, and the Finance Mgr even asked the sales representative if I was getting the 3.5 engine and the sales representative said yes.

Went out, got into the car and saw the sales representative wadding up something from the glove box. I asked what it was and he said the inventory list. I asked for it, he un-wadded it and gave it to me, reluctantly. Then I saw that they did not give me what I was told I was getting. Instead, I got the 2.7 engine. I had a ballgame to go to and was out of time, so I went on my way thinking that maybe the smaller engine would get better mileage. I have had my car for almost three months. Higher payments, but with saved gas I was making up the difference. I was averaging 21-24 mpg. Last week I thought that a gas station was padding their gallons because my mileage dropped to 16-17 mpg. I intended to never buy gas there again.

Today, my check engine light came on, and I am still getting crappy gas mileage and my dash board rattles! I emailed and called the dealership. The first person was a sales person, very nice and said she was going to try and get me into another vehicle. Didn't happen! Told me to wait 2-3 years to trade it in.

I went off, and told them that I was barely affording the higher notes, and now was really in trouble because of the crappy mpg. She let me talk with the Sales Mgr. He was nice, but too nice. Did nothing, didn't care, hung up and had service call me.

Now service is being nice, but will not even help me out with a loaner if my car has to be held overnight or more for repair.

I feel they are just trying to keep me quiet. Won't work! I have a Customer Satisfaction Survey to complete, and they will know how I feel.

I am playing their game and going in to let Service try and diagnose the problem. Don't expect much. If they will lie to me once, they will do it again.

Watch out for these guys!
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Posted by T on 2010-09-29:
I don't understand what happened the day you picked up the car. The 3.5L and Rallye models come with the 3.5L, the Base comes with the 2.7L. You were either given the wrong car, or you didn't buy what you thought you did. It should clearly state what model you bought on your receipt. There shouldn't be any disagreement about what model you bought.

After three months, I don't understand them saying they would switch your car because the CEL came on, there is a change in mileage, and a dash rattle. They should just repair the problems. Dash rattles are common in new cars, and they have ways of dealing with them. Who knows what the CEL is - they need to look. Same for the mileage.

Loaner policies vary greatly from dealer to dealer. If there is a dash rattle that requires them to keep the car, it would be nice to rent a car for you if they don't have one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-30:
Just have them fix the car. If it's brand new it should all be covered by the warranty.
I'm thinking there may be some buyer's remorse for getting the smaller engine.

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