AT & T U Verse Informative - U Verse - horrific amount of trouble, time and expense

Review by Old and cranky on 2010-09-30
NORTH CAROLINA -- Door to Door reps from AT&T you Verse approached my neighborhood with a deal that would cut my phone and satellite TV bills in half for six months andthen continue to save me $40 amonth However, NOTHING they told me was true. I signed up for the two basic packages but only one was installed, tech advised they DO NOT come together, have to pay more to get both of them; battery backup required for phoneline was not mentioned; I was told I could try this for 30 days, at no obligation, and if not satisfied cancel the service and they would comepick up the equipment, and reconnect DirectTV and my land line..... NOT SO. Once they install this crap it's there, you have to have an act of Congress to get it unhooked and out of your house. They do NOT come back and pick up their eqwupment, you have to ship it to them; they do NOT rehook your old services, you have to do that yourself, and as far as getting my land line back, it's considered a new homephone order, and comes complete with connection charges and NEW PHONE NUMBER, AND YOU HAVE TO PLACE THE ORDER YOURSELF.... RUN VERY FAR AND VERY FAST FROM AT&T you VERSE! I HAVE MISSED TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF WORK THIS WEEK TRYING TO GET RID OF THIS MESS, THEY ARE GOING TO CHARGE ME TO HOOK UP MY "NEW" LANDLINE, which by the way I don't have yet and was supposed to have by the end of business day Monday, then the end of business day Tuesday, and who knows now! (Let me just say, my 8 and 6 year old grandchildren went to church the day after this mess was installed and told all their friends how bad AT&T you Verse was, and don't let your parents sign up for it, it's a rip off. That's pretty bad!)

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