MK Real Estate LLC Complaint - How can people who are like family want to steal multiple times?

Review by tcerveny on 2010-09-30
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I tend to think that I am not negative nor do I like to waste my energy on such things, so I will point out all of the great things MK Realty has done and then list why I would rank them as a 0 star if I could. This is only to warn people of them, nothing more.

I posted a listing on Craigslist to find a Realtor, where I specifically asked for an "impeccable" character. I received a reply from someone who fit the bill representing MK REALTY, at that time. We had many needs; we needed to sell or rent our current home and find another home to buy or rent. So with the varying options from our perspective and not knowing the specific area we wanted to live in, the hunt from both sides of the spectrum began.

It was extremely pleasant dealing with the new found Realtor who represented us both from a buyer/renter to the seller/landlord! We saw places around the Chicagoland area. As far north as Northbrook and many places in the city. We were building a bond and it was wonderful! At the same time we were also getting hits on our property, and decided to focus on renting it instead of selling it, and that was a big thanks to our Realtor as well.

We finally got someone to rent our place with a 6-month contract. We then paid the commissions (1/2 months rent - key to this story) to our Realtor for said rental agreement and then the focus was on our search for a new place. That was a dream as well because we had become close enough to our Realtor where we loved having them around and considered this person a family friend. Plus our daughter genuinely loved our Realtor and we saw our Realtor love her back!

We had some problems with the tenant who signed the 6-month lease. This person backed out of the lease 3-months into it and just up and left one day with no forwarding contact information. We captured a deposit of course and the tenant left the place in good condition. So we were able to fashion the security deposit into the final months rent thus causing a scramble to find someone in the next month as to not lose out on income.

We were able to find someone 14 days after the previous tenant just up and left, but here is where it gets concerning and downright ethically wrong. Ultimately we found some new tenants via our Realtor posting on the MLS and other places. These new tenants wanted a short-term lease and then month-to-month due to an unforeseen house accident, so their insurance company was scheduled to make payments to us. The issue comes into the communications and the commissions.

Now our Realtor said that since the last tenant ran out on us, that MK REALTY would not charge us another commission. We were very happy about this. Now we knew there would be commission with the opposite Realtor. The problem is that when our Realtor lied about many things, such as: Stating to the opposite Realtor that we wanted to be charged LESS of a commission, not once, but twice when we NEVER even required that, as we were willing to pay the amount our Realtor told us (substantially more than what they actually got)....along with our Realtor telling us that the check had to come from THEIR own realty company. Meaning that MK Realty would have to cut out commission checks to everyone and that we would have to submit the amount stated to them (the substantially more amount spoken of in the aforementioned). Add to that there was a document that was supposed to be signed by the OWNER of the house, us, BUT instead was never given to us and signed by MK REALTY, crossing out any "Owner" labeling on the document. I obtained this document from the opposite Realtor and Insurance Company. ADD to that still, that our Realtor, when going through all of this, called the insurance company and opposite Realtor threatening them and using harsh words against them. We found out by speaking directly to the opposite Realtor and insurance company ALL after we received the deposit and first months rent MINUS the commission to the OPPOSITE Realtor. And finally, we were told that we would have to cut a 10% commission check EACH ADDITIONAL month after the initial lease terms were up to MK Realty for the "Opposite Realtor's monthly commission."

When we asked our Realtor, they had no response, and clearly did not want to own up to their wrongdoing. We have YET to hear from this Realtor since my calling them out!!!! Proof positive that this was a theft job gone wrong!!!

Final summation, GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING, trust ONLY what you can read, especially when it comes to business and Realtors!!!!

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