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Review by berner5@sbcglobal.net on 2010-10-01
ST. CHARLES, ILLINOIS -- On August 30th I to buy a brand new Nissan Maxima from St. Charles Nissan. They had to locate the car equipped as I was looking for.

I returned to the dealership on Friday September 3 to buy the car. When I arrived I asked where the car was. I was told they'd find it and I could get the paperwork started.

Upon completion of the paperwork I was taken to the car. As I walked around it I saw that the rear bumper was BROKEN and there was a paint defect on the front driver's side.

I told the Salesman and the Sales Manager that I wanted a new car - not one with damage. They told me there were NO MORE cars available equipped as I wanted so I had to take that car but they would TAKE CARE OF IT. I said "you'll have a new bumper put on and fix the paint" and they said they'd take care of it. I was given the "WE OWE YOU" papers and left the dealership.

When I got home an hour later and pulled the car into the garage, I looked under the fluorescent lights and noticed the entire hood had paint damage. I called the dealership immediately. The Sales Manager said come back on Saturday and we'll take care of it.

I drove back on Saturday. I was asked to wait for the GM. I waited 30 minutes while he talked to one of your sales people.

When I showed the damage to the GM, he said "Hey lady it's a black car. You're gonna see imperfections in the paint!" I pointed out that the night before I picked up the car you had a car on your lot struck by lightning. I'd been told the flames shot 50 feet in the air. I suggested to the GM that my car may have been hit with debris from the fire. He said it was more likely sap and I should take the car through the car wash two or three times!

Then he asked why I had even come back on Saturday since no one in the body shop was working till Tuesday. I came back because your Sales Manager told me to.

I told the GM I paid for a new car and I wanted a new car. He said I needed to bring the damaged Nissan back once the body shop was open and they'd take care of it. I asked for a loaner car and that it be dropped at my office when my schedule opened. The GM asked me to come to his office so he could give me his card so I could call him for the loaner. He hands me his car and turns and walks away. No hand shake. No I'm sorry. No have a nice day.

Due to my work schedule I could not be without my car until Monday September 20. The loaner was brought to my office that afternoon.

The GM called me September 21 to say my car was done. I said I'd be there the next evening to pick it up.

I got to St. Charles Nissan Wednesday 9/22 in the evening. The Salesman met me and I asked him to pull the car into the service bay so I could see the car in good light.

I started at the rear of the car and immediately noticed that the bumper had been painted meaning they'd repaired the bumper rather than replace it. I asked the Salesman if it has been replaced. He said it had been "fixed". I said I had asked that it be replaced and it had not and I wasn't satisfied. The Salesman said he'd check with the GM. When he came back he said the bumper had been fixed according to the GM and that's all Nissan of St. Charles was obligated to do.

I didn't go any further with the inspection of the car. I didn't look at the paint. I wasn't given a receipt for the adjustment to the loan - I cancelled the remote start, paint protector and rust package when the issues with lack of service became obvious.

I said to the Salesman in all the years I've been buying cars I've NEVER in my life been treated so poorly by a dealer. I was so upset. I told the Salesman I was leaving with the loaner and that I would call the next day.

As I walked back to the loaner, the GM was standing in the showroom window. I looked right at him. He never came out. Never offered an explanation.

This morning as I was driving to O'Hare I turned my phone on and heard a voicemail from Jim. No apology or offer to work with me. Just a message that said "I need my loaner car Marie".

I had an 8AM flight today. When I landed in Atlanta my phone rang and it was Neal from your dealership. He was calling to let me know he'd BEEN TO MY OFFICE LOOKING FOR ME. When my staff told him I was away HE DROVE TO MY HOME AND TOOK THE LOANER CAR leaving my Maxima - which by the way was filthy. Sounds like bounty hunters!

I guess it's my nature because I keep asking myself if I did something to anger the GM. But for the life of me, I can't figure out why anyone would be treated like I've been. I just wanted a new car and I incorrectly assumed that would come with respect.

And due to the poor service at St. Charles Nissan, I cancelled the additional features I paid for on the purchase date; paint sealant, rust inhibitor and remote start. The GM said that amount would be credited to my loan. Guess what? 2 weeks later they still have not credited that amount. I can't payoff the loan while it's in dispute so interest is racking up every day.

St. Charles Nissan will fall all over you before the sale. But look out after the sale - you're a NOTHING to them.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-10-01:
Good review. Lesson learned: Don't sign the papers until the car is ready - COMPLETELY! "We owe you" doesn't mean squat.
Posted by T on 2010-10-01:
Bumper covers are usually, AFAIK, not available painted. Therefore, if they got a new bumper cover it would have to have been painted anyway.

I'm surprised they let you cancel those extras. I'm not surprised the GM took his car that you drove away with after your car was repaired. You can dispute the repair, but IMO you can't take their property while under dispute.

The real problem is you accepted the car in the first place. Your choice was probably get nothing or take that car. So you have to live with their solution, if the repairs are to manufacturer spec.
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-10-01:
You should always take any car you buy out for a test drive, even brand new cars. You should also inspect the vehicle before you sign anything. Always assume the car dealer is going to cheat you and trust nothing they say. Never sign anything until you are 100% satisfied there are no issues and all questions answered. All promises should be written in your contract.

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