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Review by screw em on 2010-10-07
FREDERICKSBURG -- Please read my correspondence with these people. Thank you for your time...

After we found the small sign posted by the roadway, we proceeded down the driveway approximately to where a large barn was located. We met a helpful guy who explained to us that a wedding was in progress and that when cars drive down the gravel road the wedding party can hear the vehicles. We were told that a website was the best way to contact Glen Garden, and an appointment could be made. We apologized that we did not understand and hoped we did not create an interruption.

We made an appointment for 5pm yesterday. A woman came out with gardening shears and an outfit to match. She repeatedly asked "Are you Denise?" even before my fiancé exited the car, taking no interest in me. She then repetitively stated that she could not believe we drove down the drive way when a wedding was taking place. We again apologized, stating there was no marking that a ceremony was in progress, the only indication being a few cars parked in a field. Once again, she continually stated her disbelief that we drove on a road. She apparently assumed me and my fiancé saw a bride and groom and decided to make as big a commotion as possible to disrupt their day.

This woman, quite frankly, was incredibly rude and her behavior bizarre. Her impression will be a lasting one. Why would people choose a virtually unmarked venue that does not make it obvious that a ceremony is taking place? Why doesn't this establishment string a simple sign between fence posts to protect the Ceremony, when the man indicated this problem has existed in the past? Who would want such an impolite and ill-mannered woman anywhere near their wedding? Why did this woman waste our time by accepting our appointment, and then display such a bad temperament that I actually left this place infuriated?

I will continue to use word of mouth to warn people of Glen Gardens. I will tell anyone who will listen the place is hard to find, does not insure the ceremony will not be interrupted, and that the service provided by this woman is deplorable. I also intend to post reviews about this place. Unlike that woman, I do care about people I don't know and I would not want anyone to be subjected to an experience like this.

Her response:
i would be careful about what you say -- haven't you already exercised enough bad judgment? -- after having been on our website, which states "by appointment only," you came out anyway, when it was clear that a wedding was in progress -- white ribbons and streamers were hanging from the post at the end of the driveway, and there were enough cars in the pasture for the 50 people who were in attendance -- you did not appear apologetic, but indicated that you were just confused about the difference between visiting a public place (such as Belmont) and a private place such as we are -- and then you made matters worse by telling me to "just get over it" -- I was relieved when you left -- it's best that we found out early that we cannot work with each other -- and by the way: I did not have shears in my hand -- I had carrots for the horse; and while some guests do arrive late, we have NEVER had anyone in four years be so rude as to come down our driveway during a wedding simply because they wanted to see the venue -- if my husband had not stopped you, you would have totally disrupted a ceremony in progress -- and THAT would have been deplorable!!!!!!

My last response to her...

You are simply incredible.

Your website (by the way we visited it AFTER your husband told us about it, please slow down and read my comment before you continue with your rudeness) states by appointment only NOT on the homepage, where a rational person would display such information, and not on any of the first 7 links on the menu to the left side of the page. That’s right - SEVEN LINKS!!! Only after you click on "contact us" - THE LAST LINK (perhaps you should visit your own website) does it state by appointment only. Incredible.

I do have to thank you, that's the type of person I am, for giving me more fodder to post when I review your place. I feel very lucky that the majority of people I meet do not display the temperament that you do.

I am not interested in your reply or correspondence, or you for that matter. My advice to you still stands - Get over it.
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Posted by Kenneth on 2010-10-07:
It's a mutual dis-admiration society.
Posted by maxinebb on 2010-10-07:
What I do not understand is why you would have wanted a wedding where "the place is hard to find, does not insure the ceremony will not be interrupted, and that the service provided by this woman is deplorable". Why didn't you just leave when the woman started being rude. Truly, I feel this was just a case of personality clashes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-07:
They should have a sign at the driveway entrance stating visits by appointment only.

If they are a known wedding vendor, a few ribbons and streamers hanging off a pole doesn't really say "wedding in progress" to me.
Posted by momsey on 2010-10-07:
Wow, she sounds like a real trip. Glad you found out before you got in too deep!
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-10-07:
All I can say is to consider yourself very lucky that you found this out beforehand. These people sound very difficult to deal with. Not a good way to plan a wedding or any other event.

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