Tigard Midas Complaint - Scare Tactics To Sell Unneeded Products

Review by fresh2262 on 2010-10-12
TIGARD, OREGON -- Four months ago my car was making a horrible sound in the brakes. It sounded like a rock had been stuck in my brakes so I took it into Midas to have them look at it. When I got there they were very nice and looked at the truck right away. The guy at the front desk did his job and was very friendly while the mechanic looked at my truck.

Shortly after he went outside to talk to mechanic to come in to inform me there was over $700. In work that needed to be done. He said that my front brake pads had worn down so low that my rotors had been rubbing together for a very long time and caused the fluid to heat up and blow out my cylinders and drums all the way around. At the time I had bought the car about 6 months prior I was told the mechanic had just replaced the front brakes. So I was irritated that this mechanic had lied to me but nothing I could do. So I told him I was an unemployed student at the time and would have to do part of the work now and part later. I asked if there was any way to do part of this to make it safe to drive for the time. He informed me he would do the front brake system and I could get the rest done later when I saved it. But there would be a loud noise coming from the breaks so I would need to get the remainder done ASAP. I agreed because I had to get to class and they completed the work I thought needed to be done. When I got my next financial aid money I took the car into another mechanic to get something else fixed and asked him to look at the breaks to see if I needed to have that done immediately.

When I returned to get my car the mechanic had told me nothing was wrong with my brakes at all. In fact the noise I had been hearing was a cable that had been disconnected in the rear. I called the Midas to ask them why they would insist me to do all this work when I didn’t need to have it done. I was informed by the manager that he was new to the company and would like to look at the car the next morning to verify the work that had been done. I showed up the next morning to be able to speak to the owner and the manager. The conclusion from the owner was that I had no proof that the work that had been completed in fact did not need to be done. But also it was a miracle that the other work his employees insisted needed to be done had magically been fixed by themselves. I left without even so much as an apology and would recommend that if you want to use Midas you should consider getting a second opinion before having any work done.

I would think in this time of a bad economy that companies would choose to be more ethical and try to retain every customer and all of their friends and family. However after speaking to the owner, Michael yoruw, he is definitely not interested in keeping any client’s long term. He is only interested in getting the money he can get out of you at that moment in time.

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